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Local Plumbing Company Partners with International Market Leader


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/05/2019 --Almco Plumbing offers services throughout Europe as well as the U.S. In corroboration with Uponor PEX piping, headquartered in Finland, Almco Plumbing provides customers with professionalism and the highest quality of work.

Almco Plumbing is a San Diego based plumbing and heating company. It offers hands-on customer service, in addition to one year warranties and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It has announced a partnership with Uponor, a Finnish company that specializes not only in delivery of drinking water, but radiant heating and cooling, one of the largest services of Almco Plumbing. Uponor's PEX pipe systems are used for various types of projects including renovation, re-piping, and new installations. PEX piping is one of the strongest and most flexible piping product on the market today. It won't corrode and offers virtually damage protection from freezing. Almco Plumbing chose to collaborate with Uponor due to its reputation in the plumbing industry, as well as the many benefits PEX tubing provides to customers over copper and CPVC.

About Uponor
Uponor has over 100 years of experience. They offer innovative ways of energy and water saving systems that benefit customers around the globe. Uponor began as a carpentry workshop in Finland in 1918, added manufacturing cast iron products 20 years later, and eventually added plastics, heating, and plumbing applications. They've acquired various companies throughout the years to become an international market leader in its industry.

About Almco Plumbing
Almco Plumbing has been serving San Diego and the surrounding area since 2001. Encountering such plumbing problems as major cracks, corrosion, clogged pipes, major backups, and tree roots that put pressure on lines that cause major damage, Almco uses the best materials in the market today.

When re-piping a home, Almco Plumbing offers two types of material: new copper or Uponor PEX. Uponor PEX is resistant to corrosion, quiet, and has a low level of chlorine. Although Almco Plumbing provides both types of materials, they leave the decision up to the homeowner after describing the benefits of each product.

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