Executive Security Guards

Local Security Firm to Launch New Service in Light of the Increase in Active Shooter Incidents


Daleville, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2019 --Executive Security Concepts (ESC) active shooter elimination teams (ASET) can blend in with guests, clients and customers. ESC ASETs are made up of highly trained security professionals, former law enforcement officers and former military members. Working in teams of two or more, the ESC ASETs can quickly identify and eliminate the threat from an active shooter. ESC ASETs will be equipped with specific body armor and advanced weapons systems that will not be visible to the public until needed. Law enforcement agencies do a tremendous service keeping the general public safe, but they only have so many resources and response times to active shooter events can be varied. When entities such as malls, private schools, large businesses, etc. contract with ESC to provide ASETs they will have two or more highly skilled agents who can immediately respond to active incidents within minutes if not seconds of the perpetrators first actions. As we learned in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio every second counts.

ESC has provided a wide range of security services since 2005, one of our specialties has been providing armed plain clothed protection agents during high risk employee terminations and potential workplace violence incidents. The ESC ASETs are an extension of this service.

For more information on our services please check out our web site at executivesecurityconcepts.com. ESC is licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services DCJS # 11-4376