LocalLedge App Launched to Make Anyplace a User's Own Hometown

Creating a space for locals to hang, meet and greet, chew the fat, watch a band, rate a flick or run a neighborhood, the new LocalLedge app mixes it up. Taking hyper local chat to the people within reach, its “ledges” instantly make friends out of strangers.


White Bear Lake, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2015 --Oh sure, it's great to log onto a social network and see what a pal's doing two or three thousand miles away. But what about the locals? What are those guys doing? And the bigger question, can anyone join them? By creating a digital community board that helps users make plans in real time, the new LocalLedge app immediately answers that question. Designed as a messaging app that's hyper local, it unites communities one well-sent "ledge" at a time.

A vital way for people with similar interests locally to find each other, the LocalLedge app simplifies the networking process. Helping engage the communities they live in, users can use the dynamic community board to post events, or "ledges", they'd like people to join. Then, via a hyper local chat feature, invitees can respond to the ledge's invitation. Each ledge contains a name, description, keywords and radius it reaches from 20 feet to 20 miles. For easy control, it can also be made public, private or protected.

Jacob A. Erdei, founder of LocalLedge said of the app's potential in the social networking space, "Because LocalLedge can be used whenever two or more people want to communicate, it's exciting to see how people will ultimately use its public and privacy features. People use it now to get the word out about underground events, join classes, organize study groups and work events, get the best drink specials. It's a pretty powerful tool."

The hyper local chat app allows its users to search for their own topics of interest. They can then filter and sort the ledges they've found by distance. By comparison, the LocalLedge app provides more control and privacy than the typical social networking experience. Erdei adds, "This app is social networking on steroids. It's about local knowledge, the desire to connect, and instantaneous results. It gets people away from their computers and out into their communities. And in a culture that's quickly moving away from face-to-face connections, that's vital."

About LocalLedge
LocalLedge is an app that provides communities with a local digital messaging board. The app allows locals to create events and invite friends, neighbors and strangers within up to a 20 mile radius. The hyper local messaging app is available in Android and iOS versions.


Install the LocalLedge app in the Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cst.apps.localledge

For an iOS LocalLedge app visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/localledge/id950445633

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