Locals Helping Locals Understand Risk in Florida

There is a newly formed website that strives to help consumers comprehend their insurance policies and uncover what they are paying to protect themselves. It is more than an information site and more than a quoting site. They encourage open communication to facilitate saving money and realize the options and aspects of insurance that are specific to Florida.


Lake Worth, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2010 -- Insurance can typically be summed up in 3 ways; Expensive, Confusing, and in some cases Mandatory. So many of us in Florida do not understand the insurance for which we own. has been created to change that. The site exists to help Floridians understand their insurance contracts, ask questions, and receive unbiased answers without confusion.

Insurance is designed to protect and recover from the unexpected, however, most people find out after the loss what is covered in their policy and what is not. That is the wrong time to learn about your insurance policy. hopes to change this trend by defining coverages in a simple yet informative way that can be applied to real world situations. The web site has a platform designed for people to read, comment and contribute to posts left by other Floridians helping us to learn from other's experiences. also keeps its subscribers up to date on any changes to legislation or the marketplace that may affect policyholders in Florida.

Contrary to what you have probably heard, insurance does not have to be expensive. This site provides a free online quoting service to compare many different companies without the hassle of contacting each company separately. strives to cover every aspect of insurance that a person living in Florida may experience.