Locking Line Barriers Corporation Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Roll out WaterBlocks - a NEW Technology; Rapidly-Deployable Flood Control and Barrier System

First-of-its-kind design redirects flood waters to save lives, communities and our environment, and can do much more for safety and protection in multiple scenarios.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/25/2018 --Joe Daniluk was stuck in Long Beach, California babysitting flooded freight cars by order of the world-famous Lloyds of London insurance company. He had to check on the insured railway freight every eight hours which made his life miserable for a number of days. Shaking his head at the ineffectiveness of the sandbags deployed in the rail yard got him thinking. Stuck in his hotel room with nothing else to do, he made an entrepreneurial proclamation that's been said so often and ended up changing the world so many times; "There's got to be a better way."

When it comes to preventing floods, WaterBlocks™ is that better way and it will definitely change the way America and the World will handle the threat of floods in the future. That's because WaterBlocks™ are steel-reinforced, interconnecting plastic blocks that link together to create a watertight wall of protection.  What makes WaterBlocks™ so special is their unique design, which allows them to be both rapidly-deployed and efficiently-assembled and removed. Through clever design and implementation, WaterBlocks can resist the forces of flood water and can be stacked as high as needed like Legos to keep flood waters at bay and redirected.

Beyond flood protection, WaterBlocks can be applied to directing the flow of traffic, crowd control, natural resource conservation and more.

Not just a great idea, there is a great business model to generate revenue through the implementation of a Barrier Sharing Network that gives communities rapid access to WaterBlocks whenever needed. When a hurricane or any large storm looms, WaterBlocks can be delivered before the flooding starts and make sure floodwaters are kept out of neighborhoods and roadways.

WaterBlocks is an idea whose time has come and the public seems to agree; this equity crowdfunding campaign has raised over $30,000 in just 36 hours.

Funds from this equity crowdfunding campaign will be applied to building up inventory, public relations and advertising as well as marketing and sales initiatives nationwide.

Full details of this Online Public Offering are available at

The official WaterBlocks Website –

About Joe Daniluk
A Denver native, Joe is a service disabled combat veteran, married with two children. He brings more than 30 years of business development experience for directing and managing new project development with an emphasis in finance, automation and marketing. A graduate of the University of Denver with a dual degree in Finance and Real Estate and a minor in Mass Communications and TV Production. He has an extensive computer background with training in the US Navy Tactical Data Systems military computer systems and later migrating to PC's, designing and building computers, LAN's, Enterprise systems and WEB hosting networks. During the savings and loan crisis, he was the Assistant Specialist in Charge (ASIC) of the Denver FDIC office managing 330 employees and managing and liquidating $2.5 billion of assets recovered from closed banks. See more in the offering.