Better Box Mailboxes

Locking Mailboxes Prevent Mail Theft


Simpsonville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2017 --Statistics show that mail theft is very common, and far too many homeowners make it very easy for thieves to do what they do best. A significant percentage of people do not have locking mailboxes, and this is a very curious phenomenon. Clearly, people routinely take many different precautions to keep their property secure. Many of these same individuals are at work miles away from their homes when their mail is being placed into an unlocked receptacle.

There is a lot of sensitive information that goes through the mail. Credit cards and checks can be stolen, and other correspondences containing personal data that identity thieves can use. Professional criminals know exactly what to look for when they are combing through a mailbox.

Through the simple act of purchasing a locking mailbox, homeowners can keep the criminal element at bay. Of course, there are some locking mailboxes that could be compromised through the utilization of the right tools. However, a would-be mail thief is not going to target a locking mailbox when there are countless unprotected mailboxes to choose from.

Better Box Mailboxes is a South Carolina-based company that offers very attractive locking mailboxes. The classic design is immediately eye-catching, and they come in four different colors: black, white, verde green, and bronze. Because of the availability of different colors, homeowners can definitely find a locking mailbox that matches their existing theme.

These locking mailboxes are aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the functionality is not compromised in any way. The company goes to great lengths to source the highest quality raw aluminum that they can find. They employ a team of expert craftsmen who utilize long-established techniques to cast the premium-grade aluminum. This element does not rust, and the brass and stainless steel hardware that they use are also rustproof nonferrous metals.

The company has very customer friendly policies across the board. In most cases, e-commerce sites will charge for shipping and handling. Better Box Mailboxes does not charge for shipping their products, and they ship out orders within 24 hours. Their locking mailboxes come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and they are readily available to provide customer service.

About Better Box Mailboxes
Better Box Mailboxes is a company that ships locking mailboxes directly from their facility. They offer mailboxes to individuals, builders, real estate developers, and homeowners associations.