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Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health Expands Services Offered for Couples and Adults


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2019 --The Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health has a solid reputation as one of the leading counseling and therapy centers in Chicago and its suburbs, and its team of licensed therapists and psychologists has helped numerous individuals deal with various conditions and get back their deserved quality of life. Today, the Lodestone Center confirms more services offered for couples and adults as well.

There is no doubt that the proper therapy and counseling has benefited numerous individuals experiencing trauma, grief, difficult and debilitating circumstances and situations, and more. One significant aspect about therapy and counseling is that it focuses on an individual's needs and strives to get deep into a person's innermost feelings and beliefs to get to the root of their condition or issue. This is something that the Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health is fully versed in, having been a leading center for therapy and counseling in the area for many years.

The services delivered by the Lodestone Center vary from services for adults to couples and teens and children, but today, the Center is glad to announce that its services for couples and adults have expanded as well. When it comes to proper counseling and therapy for couples and adults, the Lodestone Center offers treatment for anxiety, bipolar disorders, LGBT services, maternal wellness, obsessive-compulsive conditions, depression, eating disorders, grief, stress management and panic attacks, substance abuse, and PTSD and trauma. But apart from this, the Center also focuses on treatment for anger management, mindfulness, suicidal ideation, and parent support.

The Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health also offers more services focusing on couples therapy, and its clinicians can help couples strengthen, repair, as well as enhance their relationships. The Lodestone Center confirms that it can help pair its clients with the proper clinician for their needs, helping them get back on the right path for a healthier and happier relationship. The center further confirms, "Our therapists share a common goal in couples therapy: to reduce distress as quickly as possible and to start building the positive aspects of the relationship that lead to intimacy and satisfaction. We also understand that people…may prefer very different therapy styles when seeking marriage counseling…all of our marriage counselors try to adjust their style and therapy goals to fit the needs of each couple…"

About The Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health
The Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health is a renowned therapy and counseling center in Chicago and other areas such as Hinsdale, Woodstock, McHenry, and Oak Park. Its services include therapy and counseling for children and adults as well as couples, and it specializes in a variety of treatment methods and processes for a wide array of mental and psychological conditions. For more on therapy in Chicago from the Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health, visit the website.