L'oeil Art Pencils Create a New Love of Drawing for New and Experienced Artists


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2018 --Some pencils are enough to make an artist fall in love with drawing all over again, says Serene Ip, the creator of L'oeil pencils, focus of a recently launched Kickstarter.

L'oeil pencils are the next level in drawing tools. They start with high quality, break-resistant graphite which is encased in incense-cedar from California. This high-quality wood is easily sharpened to a fine point. They are embossed with the company logo, an inspirational quote, and the grade of the pencil, so that the artist can easily see which pencil they need.

Drawing pencils are offered in different grades that show how hard (H) or soft (B) the pencils are. Along with the letter, pencils are assigned a numeric value to show how hard or soft they are; 4H is harder than 2H, for example. The harder the pencil, the finer the line the artist can create.

L'oeil pencils are unique in affordable, high-quality pencil sets in that they come in a sturdy carrying case, meaning that artists can toss their art supplies into a bag and head out into the world to draw. Lower quality sets often come in cardboard and plastic packaging, which is not reusable. Artists also get to choose a nude pink and rose gold or a dark grey and metallic case.

Pencil sets can also include every possible variation in hard and soft leads, which is more than the average artist needs to draw; blending tools like brushes or Q-tips can soften lines and create shadows efficiently. Rather than make things complicated for the artist by offering too many options, the L'oeil set offers the most commonly used pencil grades: one each of grades 3H, H, F, B, 6B, and 8B, and two each of HB, 2B, and 4B. By eliminating the less commonly used grades from the set, this decreases waste; artists won't have extra pencils lying around that they won't use.

The Kickstarter campaign for L'oeil launched in early September, and continues until early October. With reward levels including multiple sets of pencils, this campaign would be great for the beginning artist looking for a high-quality but affordable set of tools with which to practice, or the more advanced artist looking to improve the quality of the pencils they keep on hand. Art instructors could also choose to purchase several pencil sets with one of the higher level tiers; these could be used as classroom supplies, or gifts for the best students.

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