LOJEL Introduces the World's First Carry-on Luggage Weighing Less Than 4 Pounds


Amityville, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/29/2016 --LOJEL's Ultra-Lite, the world's lightest carry-on luggage, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

In order to accommodate the increasingly strict weight restrictions placed on carry-on luggage from various airlines, LOJEL has created an innovative new luggage system that is extremely lightweight yet maintains a large capacity. With carefully constructed details and a stylish design, LOJEL is aiming to be the best carry-on luggage available to travelers worldwide.

"Many airlines are now implementing 15lb weight limits for carry-ons. With LOJEL Ultra-Lite we wanted to tackle this problem by designing an extremely lightweight luggage within the maximum space allowed for carry-ons," says Project Executive Zoey Yao, "Being ultra-lightweight, we want our luggage to look great but also be easy to use and durable. No details were overlooked during the design phase which is why this luggage will quickly become everyone's favorite choice for carry-on."

The luggage is crafted from advanced polycarbonate material from the German manufacturer Bayer. The shell uses a custom made solution which achieves the ultimate weight and performance ratio. One of the primary components is the retractable trolley. Instead of the typical aircraft aluminum, LOJEL exclusively builds theirs with magnesium alloy. This state of the art alloy is stronger than aluminum and 30% lighter.

Weighing in at an incredible 3.9lbs, LOJEL's Ultra-Lite luggage allows users to carry a few extra pounds in their carry-on. There has been no compromise in the durability, functionality or aesthetics to achieve this lighter weight. The Ultra-Lite was designed, tested and evaluated using a rigorous series of performance simulations and field testing. For increased security, the product has incorporated an exclusive patented dual coil zipper which has more than twice the strength of average zippers. The interior compartment is secured with a TSA approved combination lock and the padded carrying handle is made of ultra-comfortable EVA material.

The conceptual design was a masterpiece by the renowned design firm ABC Company. Precise attention has been applied to details- from color coordinated zippers and trim covers, to the fine embossed leather name tag and hinges. The dual specious compartments are covered with premium mildew resistant fabric. Shoe and toiletry bags have been added for better organization.

"We challenged ourselves to build the world lightest carry-on luggage possible. By this paradigm, a luggage is much more than a box with wheels; it must withstand the punishment of various rigorous travel conditions while remaining pleasing to the eye," says Zoey Yao, Project Executive."

Travelers ready for takeoff can now purchase the LOJEL Ultra-Lite Luggage which is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lojel-the-lightest-hard-case-carry-on-luggage

LOJEL was founded in 1989 with an aim to inspire a new generation of international adventurers. Crafting elevated travel goods with quality technical materials, we provide sophisticated and dependable companions for the design-conscious traveler. With diverse terrains and itineraries, the LOJEL collection provides complements to match the ever-changing needs of those whose world is boundless.

For more information on LOJEL please visit https://www.lojel.com