LOKmate Deadbolt Guard Launches Its IndieGoGo Campaign


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/09/2016 --LOKmate is a new way to secure your home and family by reinforcing existing door locks and rendering them difficult to tamper with or open by force. LOKmate also is the perfect solution when travelling or for families who need to prevent children and other family members from leaving the safety of home unnoticed.

LOKmate works by preventing the deadbolt's twist knob from being turned. The universal design fits almost any single-cylinder deadbolt lock configuration regardless of its knob orientation (twist knob left, right, center or angled). As long as the lock works with a twist knob, then LOKmate will work perfectly.

Currently available on a limited pre-release through an IndieGoGo campaign. Given the fantastic design and competitive price point, this is your best opportunity to grab a LOKmate prior to its introduction through regular retailers. Signup now for an early discounted pre-release price or multi-order discounts, and sleep easier at night knowing that your family is safe from harm.

LOKmate is the brainchild of Monika Thai, a single mom who came up with the idea after an attempted break-in while she was at home. Working with friends and family, including a family member who is an Iraq war veteran and experienced security expert, they perfected a design that is truly unique and sure to be a bestseller.

In addition to preventing unwanted strangers from entering the home, LOKmate can be particularly useful for families with young children, autistic children or family members with Alzheimer's. It's all too easy for the most vulnerable members to sneak out of the house while the family is asleep or otherwise distracted simply by twisting the deadbolt handle. Not with a LOKmate!

For apartment dwellers, many rental properties do not always rekey the deadbolts and maintenance staff often have access to spare keys. With LOKmate you have the piece of mind knowing a stranger with a key cannot gain access while you or your loved ones are inside. Indeed, many apartments and multi-unit residential complexes are are equipped with inexpensive deadbolts that can be compromised using widely available bump keys.

LOKmate also makes a great travel companion since it is portable and requires no tools for installation. For business people on the go, or families on vacation, just drop LOKmate in its handy travel pouch and use it to prevent unwanted access to your hotel room or vacation home. Recent news stories have highlighted just how easy it is for the wrong people to get access to your room, either intentionally or unintentionally. It's quite common for hotel staff to get into your room when you least expected them.

You can support Monika's IndieGoGo campaign and secure a LOKmate pre-release edition at a special discounted price. For more information or to order your LOKmate, click here for direct access to the IndieGoGo campaign, visit the LOKMate website at, or contact the company directly.