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London Clinic Uses Nutrition and IPL to Treat Rosacea, Says Probiotics Can Help

Probiotics have become well known for helping maintain good digestive health. There is no denying the fact that probiotics greatly benefit a person’s health. Recently, a lot of attention has been placed towards using probiotics for rosacea treatments.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2014 --Pulse Light Clinic are based in Fenchurch Street, London. The clinic that is within a few minutes walk of the financial district and many public transport connections has been successfully treating rosacea for many years.

Rosacea is an embarrassing skin condition that causes redness and swelling in the face. It normally affects the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Many times it is simply a patch of redness on the face, while other times, it takes the form of pimples which are sometimes confused with acne. This condition isn’t exactly life threatening, but for many, it can be very embarrassing, causing extreme social discomfort. If the individual leaves it untreated, there is a possibility that it can get worse. Many describe this condition as a permanent blush on the face. It can come and go throughout life and is considered a chronic, long-term condition with no known cure.

Pulse Light Clinic have been successfully controlling their clients rosacea for many years, on their rosacea treatment page the clinic say "You don't have to suffer the symptoms or the distress that Rosacea can cause. At Pulse Light Clinic, we are privileged to see both the visible and positive emotional effect that good Rosacea treatment has on our patients."

Pulse Light Clinic use a combination of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and nutrition to treat rosacea, the clinic say probiotics are one nutrition change they recommend their clients take. Many individuals are already using probiotics to help keep their digestive system healthy. Whether they are getting probiotics from active cultures commonly found in some yogurts or through their daily supplements, probiotics are a “friendly” bacteria.” Probiotics can benefit an individuals overall health.

Research is finding that the benefits of probiotics may go beyond the digestive track. It is not believed that probiotics may help skin. In fact, by using probiotics on a daily basis, skin prone to rosacea and acne has often improved, giving dermatologists a reason to consider using probiotics as a form of skin therapy.

Still, further study will be needed in order to determine which strains of probiotics may work best, but probiotics might just be the next best thing for rosacea treatments – only time will tell. To learn more about effective rosacea diet click here.

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