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Long Island Mold Removal Company Compares Hurricane Sandy Mold Aftermath to Hurricane Katrina


Long Island, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2013 --Long Island Mold Removal Company Compares Hurricane Sandy Mold Aftermath to Hurricane Katrina

Big hurricanes such as Hurricane Sandy that hit New York to Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans, not only leave a path of destruction and devastation initially, they also can cause everlasting negative impacts like the growth of harmful toxic mold. These hurricanes not only brought destruction worth billions of dollars, but more so the initial and after affects caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. One of the worst situations these superstorms cause is flooding that leads to sewage water overflowing to the roads and into homes and commercial properties. This situation can be very dangerous as this contaminated water can cause waterborne disease and illnesses.

The worst hit people are the poor who do not have resources to recover from the effects of the destruction of these Hurricanes. As thousands upon thousands of people were affected by these Hurricanes their comes a surge of people seeking relief from agencies such as FEMA, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, and other charitable programs and organizations- sometimes in these circumstances with no success.

Moty Katz of Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. recently stated, entire neighborhoods are still dark, largely damaged, and in some areas predominately abandoned. The needs are great, and yet a large number of these supposed emergency agencies, insurance companies, and property management companies are failing to act or fulfill their duties". Motty Katz closed with, " As times are still rough economically speaking, compounded by this major catastrophe, along with warm weather on the horizon, the risk of a mold pandemic running rampant throughout New York City is extremely high

Residents in New York City are upbeat about the toxic mold removal fund created by Moty Katz of Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc., of which, over one hundred struggling families have been helped through this special fund. Low income residents of NYC may benefit from Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. and Moty Katz toxic mold removal fund by simply applying for the special program through their website.

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