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Longest Gains Fruitful Results at Medica 2021 with Health Care Equipment


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2021 --Longest brought its exclusive health care equipment to Medica 2021 at booth hall 4/K37 from November 15th to 18th in Germany. Longest presented its competitive DVT machines for air compression therapy to the public during this world medicine fair. Not only did Medica 2021 allow Longest to present the products to the exhibitors and visitors from different countries, but it also created the opportunity for medical and health care professionals to learn more about the brand's health care equipment and how they can benefit from these devices. 

About Medica 2021
Medica 2021, the world forum for medicine, took place in Messe Düsseldorf, Germany. This year's Medica opened its door to exhibitors and visitors for four days. About 2,900 exhibitors from 70 nations took part at Medica 2021 and showcased their amazing devices, health care equipment, and technologies that are meant to revolutionize medicine as we know it. 

Longest at Medica 2021
Exhibiting medical devices and health care equipment at Medica 2021 is both a privilege and a reward for hard work and dedication. Longest's participation at this important event for the world of medicine and health care can be described by three factors. They are listed in the following points.

1. Capable Products 
During the exhibition, the DVT prevention products from Longest, including LGT 2200DVT and LGT 2201DVT, attracted many visitors to consult and experience.

The leg compression machine for lymphedema features a special pressotherapy system with gradient pressure. The main purpose of this piece of health care equipment is to improve blood flow and lower the risk of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) as well as pulmonary embolism before, during, and post-surgical procedures. The DVT machine comes with four compression modes. User-friendly interface and 5" touch screen. Moreover, this DVT machine is easy to use, portable, durable, and reusable. Designed for clinic and hospital settings, the DVT compression pump prevents complications that could occur with bed rest.

LGT-2201DVT is another kind of DVT pump with the same purpose as LGT-2200DVT. But it is smaller, lighter, and has a wide pressure range (30-150mmHg). Designed primarily for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes, LGT-2201DVT has four compression modes and gradient pressure to ensure optimal comfort during the treatment. Thanks to the real-time pressure-monitoring system, LGT-2201DVT automatically fills the pressure when it's lower. It has become the best DVT machine worldwide with automatic screen lock and other high-end configurations.

Except for DVT prevention products, Longest showcased other cutting-edge products: extracorporeal shock wave therapy devices for effective chronic pain management, an active-passive trainer that helps patients suffering from muscle atrophy or confined to a wheelchair maintain muscle tone, and some portable electrical muscle stimulation units that effectively relieve pain, improve mobility, and blood circulation.

2. Satisfactory Services
During the exhibition, Longest not only provided distinctive physiotherapy machines but also offered customers satisfactory services. The comprehensive explanation, expertise, and considerable service have earned trust and applause from visitors extensively. Not only this, Longest prioritizes superior quality to ensure its products and services that will help patients during and after their treatments. Thanks to the high-quality products, healthcare providers and physical therapists who use them can take the quality of their services to a whole new level. Longest emphasizes functional, easy-to-use machines in the clinic, hospital, and rehabilitation settings. 

3. Continuous R&D
The successful showcase in the exhibition cannot be separated from constant research and development, making Longest one of the most state-of-the-art physical therapy product manufacturers in the world. For the past decades, the brand has focused on innovating new products and technologies that would provide even more benefits to patients and health care professionals.

In fact, to this date, Longest has obtained 128 authorized patents, including 59 utility models, 21 inventions, 64 software copyrights, 62 registered trademarks, 48 appearance patents, and 15 high-tech products. Meanwhile, the quality of the DVT machine is confirmed by a wide range of certifications Longest has received so far. 

About Longest
Longest was delighted to take part in the most prestigious event in the world of medicine with its unique products and services. The participation of Longest aimed to improve its brand and product awareness and also to reach customers who could benefit from the company's innovative physical therapy products. Moreover, exhibitors and visitors got the opportunity to learn more about the outstanding benefits and effectiveness of DVT machines made by this company during the event.

Longest, founded over two decades, has become one of the leading manufacturers of health care equipment for professional physiotherapy. Longest invests a lot in continuous research and development to ensure their machines' effectiveness, safety, and quality. It will be quite exciting to witness the future development at Longest and new devices they place on the market.
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