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Look out for Projek Raw's 2017 Fashion Collection

The design team at Projek Raw is excited to release their 2017 collection, and alerts consumers to keep an out eye for the new 2017 fashions.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/29/2016 --As 2016 rapidly comes to a close, many begin to think about plans, goals, and New Year's resolutions. For many, a new year can also mean a new wardrobe, and a chance to shake things up a bit. Projek Raw has been ready for 2017 long before now, and is also prepared to release their 2017 collection as the ball drops.

The design team at Projek Raw is excited to release their 2017 collection, and alerts consumers to keep an out eye for the new 2017 fashions.

About Projek Raw
Projek Raw is a fashion design company established and founded in 2001 based in Canada. Projek Raw has successfully altered the standard in the fashion industry through their approach to young professionals. With their unique, creative, and modern free-spirited ideas and designs, the team at Projek Raw has seen a highly successful 2016.

Projek Raw was founded on the goal, mission, and desire to design and create an original brand specifically for those who are open minded and free-spirited, and want something truly unique.

After successfully speeding past "fast fashion", a trend that has grown tiresome for consumers, Projek Raw has gained the attention of new and existing consumers in the men's wear market, appealing to a unique identity.

Projek Raw CEO and founder, Dov Cohen claims, "Projek Raw was created with the inspiration for the young man looking for trendy fashions. He wants to look current and even a little ahead of the fashion trend. Every time we develop a new item, that's the question we ask ourselves; 'is this fresh, is this trendy, is this different? Most importantly, does it look like everyone else?' If it does, throw away the design."

Hot Fashion for 2017
When looking at other brands' products, styles, and accessories year after year, consumers have been ready for something different for a long time. This is where Projek Raw has made their mark. Their plans for 2017 are only expected to grow off their recent success, and provide some truly unique, modern yet original, and fresh designs and styles for the upcoming year.

Although consumers will be able to find "the favorites", such as sweaters, cardigans, cargo shorts and pants, and denim jeans, Projek Raw has always been successful at taking these "fan favorites" and putting a fresh spin on them, making them a truly unique style.

While the year 2016 was highly successful for Projek Raw, the design team has bigger, better, and brighter plans for 2017. As a result, consumers should be on the look out for the release of their new 2017 collection, and get ready for another explosive year.


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