Looking for a New and Exciting Online Shopping Experience? iBuySell Are the Shopping Revolution

Sell your products faster and snap up deals in real time under 90 secs


Macungie, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2015 --Since the mid 1990's there has been a significant increase in the world of online shopping. More recently retailers have turned to mobile phone apps as sales channel of choice for their online stores and boutiques, as mobile phones have quickly become an essential every day device. However what these platforms provide in terms of shopping experience is still the same - a list of discount catalog items. What is missing? For shoppers - An interactive and engaging user experience while shopping deals that makes their time worthwhile! For Sellers - A platform that allows them to move their inventory quickly, get repeat customers and establish their brand without paying ridiculous fees and high upfront promotional costs.

The soon to be released app iBuySell is about to change all that, this new revolutionary online shopping app connects online shoppers and sellers in a fresh,engaging and exciting environment! iBuySell has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to prepare for their launch in November of this year!

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"We want to start make the user experience fun and engaging. Shopping at iBuySell feels more like a game while hunting for great deals, making buyers come back again and again" say CEO and Founder Kaustuve Mukherjee "Sellers are motivated as their inventory moves quickly and they can decide the minimum price they want to sell their items, unlike in open ended auctions".

iBuySell is the brand new app that is offering the most revolutionary and thrilling experience on the online shopping market! iBuySell is designed for both the retailers and the consumers to ensure their inventory moves quickly and to purchase everything on your must-have list at the right price. iBuySell works by listing items for sale by a vendor at a chosen discount retail price and schedule a live sale, buyers tag their favorite items and get notified right before the item goes on live-sale. When the live sale starts, this already discounted price falls continually throughout that period, until it is 'purchased' by the first person. This approach allows the buyer the option to purchase the listed item at a price that they are happy to pay. There are real bargains to be found! BUT....Buyer, beware! It is possible miss out on the listed item if someone else purchases it before you do. This is similar to silent auctioning, where the buyer is unaware of what someone else is willing to pay for an item. This creates urgency and excitement which is often the main appeal to retail shoppers as they have to decide instantly whether to wait for prices to go lower or buy before someone else purchases!

The entire sale process can take less than 90 seconds, which is another huge advantage to store owners as the turnover is also much higher.

About iBuySell
Founders of iBuySell have described their app as 'a social mobile marketplace that helps brands, retailers and individual entrepreneurs to connect and engage their customers, with products they love at a price they choose, in a fun and exciting rapid-fire game-like price countdown! In their funding campaign they have listed a tiered structure of rewards for supporters and backers, as well as detailed their timeline for release. The app is designed with usability in mind, and backers are already eagerly awaiting it's release! Move over eBay, here comes iBuySell!

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