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Looking for Better Sleep? Be Cool


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2021 --Restless sleeper? The problem could be the bedding. As a luxury linen bedding store in Vancouver, Sömn Home provides sustainable bedding made from organic, breathable fabrics. Why is this significant? According to the Sleep Foundation, temperature plays a significant role in the quality of sleep a person gets through the night. For more, go to https://somnhome.com/blogs/journal/looking-for-a-better-sleep-be-cool

The ideal temperature recommended by most doctors is between 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius. Mattress materials as well as the fabrics that come in contact with the body, distribute heat differently. Ideally, people should target lightweight materials that are soft and cozy, without trapping heat.

Natural materials fit the bill perfectly. This is precisely why Sömn Home has based their luxury bedding collection around sustainable linen and cotton bedding essentials. From hypoallergenic and temperature regulating to self-cleansing properties, their linen and cotton beddings support a healthier and happier life.

The Science Behind Better Bedding

The sleep cycle is determined by the circadian rhythm, which is located in the hypothalamus. The brain receives cues from different environmental factors, including light exposure, exercise, and temperature.

The core body temperature typically hovers around 37 degrees Celsius. About two hours before bedtime, the body temperature starts to drop, coinciding with the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. The body continues to cool during the sleeping process and then gradually warms up as the morning progresses, causing a person to awaken.

The mechanism the body uses to cool itself is vasodilation. Heat is sent away from the core by increasing blood flow to the extremities. When the bedding is too stuffy, this process is interrupted leading to discomfort and restlessness, resulting in feeling tired and fatigued.

Sömn's Bedding Tips for Staying Cool:

To improve sleep quality, it is crucial to cultivate good sleep hygiene. Try to develop (and stick) to a schedule in sync with the body's own natural rhythms. Go to sleep at the same time every night and avoid stimulants like coffee and alcohol before bed. Keep the bedroom cool and dark. Other tips to try include:

- Taking a warm bath an hour or two before to jumpstart the cooling process
- Closing blinds during the day to reduce heat-build-up
- Leaving a small gap in the windows to promote ventilation
- Controlling bedroom humidity
- Reducing heat with bed linens that are light and breathable
- Wearing cool, loose-fitting pajamas made from natural fibers

On average, a person spends almost 26 years in bed throughout their life. As "pro-sleepers", Sömn Home understands the benefits of a good quality sleep and has designed the sustainable linen bedding collection to help realize the luxury of better rest.

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Sömn Home advocates mindful living through the use of natural materials for everyday comfort. Their mission is to make wellness obsessed home textiles widely available for the engaged, discerning clientele without the compromise of comfort, price and ethics.

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