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LoPresti Announces Approval of Performance Enhancements for the Saratogas and Cherokees


Vero Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2007 -- LoPresti Speed Merchants now has the approval and is delivering high performance wheel pants for the Piper PA28 and the PA32 series of aircraft. LoPresti Speed Spats are designed to improve performance, enhance appearance and simplify routine maintenance. The new design provides vastly simplified access, such as servicing brakes and tires is now accomplished with ease. The Speed Merchant line of performance enhancements has long been the standard by which others are measured. LoPresti enhancements leads the pack by reducing drag and enhancing appearance. According to Curt LoPresti the CEO of Speed Merchants, “Our Company was built on the principal that you should get all of the speed you pay for. We release the performance trapped inside your aircraft without the penalties of extra fuel consumption.” Please stop bye our booth at NBAA and AOPA.

About LoPresti Aviation
With certifications on 228 different models, providing for over 72,000 aircraft, LoPresti is the industry leader in HID lighting for aviation and has installed thousands of aftermarket kits. Roy LoPresti was responsible for the design and manufacture of more successful airplanes than any designer in aviation history. Mooney, Grumman, Beech, Piper, each company laid claim for a time to producing the works of his creative mind. In 1991, the legendary engineer formed LoPresti Speed Merchants, located in Vero Beach, Florida. With more than 40 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) and Parts Manufacturing Authorizations (PMAs), plus patents and copyrights, LoPresti Aviation leads the way in performance and innovation time and again.