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ACI Now Offering Louisiana Surety Bonds & Commercial Insurance, Continuing Expansion

ACI Insurance Services Continues Expanding and Now Offers Businesses Commercial Insurance Protection and Surety Bonds in Louisiana


Apopka, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2014 --ACI Insurance is continuing their rapid expansion, and the company is proud to now be offering Louisiana surety bonds and commercial insurance. Louisiana businesses of all shapes and sizes, across nearly any industry, can now depend on the excellent reputation, track record, customer service and attention to detail that has made ACI a leader for more than a decade.

Businesses throughout the state of Louisiana, from New Orleans to Metairie, Baton Rouge to Shreveport, and every corner of the great Bayou state, can now turn to the experienced hands of ACI for assistance.

"Deciding to branch out into the state of Louisiana was an obvious choice," said John Rothschild, owner of ACI Insurance Services. "I'm dedicated to helping as many small business owners as I can, and our close Louisiana neighbors were an ideal location to move into with Florida and Georgia already covered."

One focus of ACI's Louisiana efforts will be on Louisiana dealer bonds. These are the required bonds that used auto dealerships must obtain and annually renew in order to legally operate their businesses. It's essential that businesses here meet their renewal deadlines, and get the correct level of coverage depending upon their classification.

The company will also be providing surety bonds in Louisiana for all types of businesses, in a wide range of industries. Additionally, they will be providing garage liability insurance, general liability, liquor liability insurance coverage, and many other types of commercial insurance protection.

ACI first began 10 years ago by providing commercial insurance and surety bonds in Florida. They expanded to provide Georgia surety bonds and insurance, and are now branching out even farther, helping more businesses meet their goals, fulfill their legal and license requirements, and get the protection they deserve at a reasonable price.

From Florida to Georgia, and now Louisiana, John Rothschild and the ACI team are here to help. Experienced, dedicated assistance, affordable rates, and tailor-made plans for every client are all part of the ACI package.

Learn more about ACI by visiting them online at, or calling 407.889.2612 with any questions or to get started with commercial insurance or surety bonds in Louisiana.

About ACI Insurance Services
ACI Insurance Services was established in 2004 by John Rothschild, with the express goal of providing not just great Florida insurance, but also services which were also affordable for consumers and small businesses. Based in Apopka, FL, ACI has a dedication to customer service, as well as extensive experience in the field, and knowledge of current issues. Today, as leading Florida insurance agents, they provide a wide range of services, including all types of Florida surety bonds, and ACI always puts the needs of their clients first above all else. ACI now also serves the Georgia and Louisiana markets. Contact 407.889.2612 for more information, or visit