Consumer Protection Page for Louisiana Residents Launched by

A Way for Louisiana Consumers to Learn About the Laws Governing Cash Advances


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2011 has released a web site page dedicated to informing Louisiana consumers about the state laws, regulations and consumer protections surrounding payday loans. This will help to teach Louisiana residents about the cash advance industry and how to avoid being scammed. There are various entities out there today that break these common laws, so by Louisiana consumers learning them, they will be able to prevent becoming a victim.

β€œ strives continually to ensure consumer protection by providing the knowledge and resources necessary for consumers to make informed financial decisions,” says spokesperson Hanna Wellman. β€œThe Consumer Resource pages are a wealth of information arming consumers with the resources with which they can actively preserve their rights and providing recourse to regulatory agencies capable of remedying fraudulent lending practices.”

Each state in the U.S. has its own governing laws and regulations for payday loans. The new Louisiana Consumer Protection page will showcase the specific laws for the state of Louisiana. Individuals will be able to find a variety of other resources on the site as well, including links. There have been criminals tarnishing the borrower-lender relationship in the payday loan industry. It is the hopes of to eliminate this problem by giving Louisiana consumers a way to distinguish between scam artists and legitimate cash advance companies.

Consumer protections agencies are available to help individuals with any questions they may have regarding cash advances. Consumers will also be able to contact these agencies via telephone, email or directly at their physical addresses to inquire about payday loan regulations, or to verify whether or not a payday advance company is operating in a legitimate fashion. The agency will be able to verify if the company has a license with the state of Louisiana. Contact information for these consumer protection agencies can be obtained from the consumer protection page of the site.

According to Adam Hilliard, a leading financial news expert "Our Louisiana Consumer Protection page will dispel any misconceptions or uncertainty surrounding the cash advance process in Louisiana, equip you with practical advice for averting financial crisis, answer your myriad loan questions, and ultimately guide you on the road to taking control of your financial future."