Love Is Not a Game but "Play Time for Adults" Proves That Building Intimacy Can Be


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2018 --Two's company and three's a crowd, as the saying goes, but the risqué new tabletop game, "Play Time for adults" proves that even two can be more than enough company and a foursome, well, that's just a party, pure and simple. Intended as an erotic game for adults, "Play Time for adults" aims to dare couples, singles, and adventurous adults, in general, to challenge their sexual boundaries -- both, with themselves and between each other. The game is comprised of four levels, going from "Flirty", which is Level 1, to "Filthy", which is Level 4.

The gameplay is pretty simple and that's a good thing because it's the content of Play Time for adults that makes things, if not "complicated", then "challenging", at best. It's not just the player's curiosity that is peaked, through the range of 470 cards and the varying levels of challenges, scenarios and prompts that are etched on each. It's also about the fact that, to engage with the game, players will have to put aside their preconceived notions and get very honest with each other, very quickly. It's a game of daring and wits that starts off with a board, cards and movable pieces. In a twist of Monopoly-meets-Wheel-of-Fortune, players roll the dice to keep moving around the board, but they also spin the love arrow to indicate special "actions" to take.

The locations on the board indicate the action to take. If the square a player lands on indicates that they must draw a card, then it's the card that indicates the "actions" they'll be taking. While there are four levels of cards, there are six types of cards and players progress a level once they complete one full loop on the board.

The spice in Play Time for adults comes not just from the prompts or the daring nature of the tasks. Nor is it related to the somewhat embarrassing scenarios that players will likely laugh at but also enjoy acting out. Its secret sauce, so to speak, rests in the fact that there is a thread of unpredictability woven through every move and every level of the game. Because of the variety of the cards, levels, actions, dice and the spin board, no round is quite like the other.

This is one tabletop game that, in just a few strokes, has managed to become just as complicated as more familiar RPG games like the popular "Catan". And just like an ideal and satisfying sex life that is never supposed to flag and remain constantly "fresh" and "exciting", Play Time for adults promises to continue on with fresh content, never flagging in its pace or sheer audacity.

The game also comes with an app version that is in its final phase of development. Completion of this final phase of the app is contingent on securing complete funding for its Kickstarter campaign. There are six levels of contribution and commensurate perks. At the highest level, £55 or more, Play Time for adults creators are rewarding backers with a Limited Edition version of the board game plus full version access to the app.

This "limited edition" version includes all standard items plus four extra custom game pieces, custom-designed board and box, which is limited to 100 backers and ships to the United States and Europe free of charge (customs may apply to other countries). Meanwhile, a contribution of £30 or more rewards backers with the full board game, the four game pieces, the "love arrow" spin-wheel, the original 470 cards, a rulebook and game box for storage.