Kea Michaels

Love Is on the Way with Newly-Released Song, "I Love You" by Songstress, Kea Michaels


Pittsburgh, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2017 --A new sound will soon be released into the earth. This sound is packaged in an emotional, thought provoking and passionate song titled, "I Love You." The soulful songstress is Pittsburgh's own, Kea Michaels, who simply goes by KEA, has penned a love letter to her audience. KEA has been performing on local stages for years and on July 28th, the world will have a chance to hear her first original release, "I Love You."

The launch of the song, "I Love You," is just a taste of what KEA has to offer the listening community. As a songwriter, she writes about the raw and brazen situations of urban existence. She expresses the emotions of life by delivering lyrics that mirror the highs and lows of life. Her future releases include addressing the plight of the Black community and the complexity of relationships. KEA's scheduled release, "I Love You," provides an honest glimpse into a love that goes unnoticed. She highlights the engaging energy that exists between lovers while at the same time, emphasizes that love can be complicated.

"I Love You" is a smooth groove that will appeal to both the R&B connoisseur and the smooth jazz lover who enjoys a sultry sound that can stir adoring passions. As KEA softly sings the phrase, "Losing time, search my mind, standing alone, a shadow followed mine, mere mystique, so unique, it was you beside me." one can envision a lover finally realizing that what they were looking for was there all the time.

The messages that "I Love You" evokes include real issues that affect meaningful relationships. As KEA urgently belts out "I Love You, I Need You," she extends a reminder that love can never be taken for granted nor can it be ignored. The song, "I Love You," points out that love can be standing right next to us in plain sight. In addition, KEA reminds us that saying "I Love You" also requires saying "I am sorry," as the lover sings for forgiveness because they cannot lose the love that has been discovered. This song illustrates that KEA can incorporate a falsetto and impeccable intonation to weave a wonderful descriptive love story.

In a recent review, it was noted, "One of the hottest new single and voices coming in 2017, congrats Kea, keep working your magic. It will just smooth you." Jazzman Music. On July 28th, KEA presents us an opportunity to restore positivity back into our relationships and in the world. "I Love You" will be available for download through Apple's ITunes, CD Baby and Amazon. "I Love You" can also be purchased on the KEA Facebook page, and her website,

Kea Michaels