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Soldiers Cannot Live on MRE's Alone


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2019 --Low Budget Fine Dining
Soldiers Cannot Live on MRE's Alone

Many Americans have come to realize how important it is to enjoy food. A pleasant meal, to some people, can make the difference in their over-all mental attitude. Unfortunately, it's the people in the most important environments in the world who suffer. It's the people who must live in limited space and the people who have a reduced availability to ingredients who are deprived of fine dining. It's the people who are most responsible for securing "The American Way" that are the most overlooked: Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Firemen, and even students of higher learning. Anyone who chooses to live in an institutional setting for the greater good, those who live under an economized structure of life, has made an immeasurable sacrifice to carry out their responsibilities to this Great Nation.

Big names in food have published books that provide recipes for fine meals. But none of them, not Sara Lee, not Oprah Winfrey, or Betty Crocker have considered Americans who are required to serve under limited circumstances.

It's easy to see that those most important to our way of life have not been considered. Not until now. Recently Freebird Publishers has reached out, they have come to the aid of our troops and our young people. They have filled the needs of those who must sacrifice fine food to serve the needs of America. They have published, Fine Dining Prison Cookbook, 150 Secrets from "The Inside".

After identifying the need, Freebird Publishers partnered with Troy Traylor to produce this book. It provides recipes for those who live under limited circumstances. Those who have few choices of ingredients, those who have limited time, those who have limited storage space, and those who have limited availability to cooking facilities. Freebird Publishers' choice in the writer for this project is unique and instrumental. Freebird Publishers, like no one else, could tap into the intellect of the most confined and most innovative chef in America. Someone who has lived under the most institutionalized circumstances in the world, An American Prisoner.

Fine Dining Prison Cookbook is filled with hundreds of great recipes. The recipes are divided into ten section:

Tasty Drinks;
Condiments, Dips & Creamy Spreads;
Side Dishes & Quick Snacks;
Gumbos & Chowders;
Meals for Every Craving;
A Few Delicious Pizzas;
Mexican Delights;
Cakes & Pies of All Kinds;
A few Cheesecakes;
Sweets & Treats of All Kinds.

Fine Dining Prison Cookbook also includes an important element for the many who are separated from their loved ones for the first time. Whether overseas or over-sentenced, those in need will enjoy the books: Inspiring quotes, tidbits of knowledge, food history, monthly foodie holidays and National Food Days.

It doesn't matter if a loved one is in Camp Blue Diamond in Iraq; The National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California; the barracks of Fort Polk, Louisiana at the end of the month; a housing unit of an American prison, this book is a fine uplifting addition to a personal library. For more information about getting a copy of Fine Dinning Prison Cookbook, 150 Secrets from "The Inside", visit

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