Loyakk Announces the World's First Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Enterprise Relationship Platform, ICO Scheduled for October 29th, 2017

Loyakk’s Enterprise Relationship Platform, Vega, aims to impact the multi-billion dollar market of enterprise applications through blockchain-based decentralization. Its game-changing platform will transform how enterprises interact, transact and engage with their customers, channel partners, distributors and suppliers.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2017 --Loyakk, the provider of enterprise relationship management applications, announced Vega, the world's first and only blockchain-enabled Enterprise Relationship Management platform. Loyakk was founded by a world-class team with established credentials with technology giants such as SAP, IBM, Oracle-Siebel, VMware and HP in the areas of both technology and business management and is backed by a global advisory team of seasoned luminaries with notable global companies as customers. Vega is on an exciting mission to transform enterprise ecosystems for the decentralized economy.

To realize this vision, Loyakk launched a token crowdsale which kicked off with an oversubscribed private pre-sale on September 25, 2017. The public crowdsale opens on October 29, 2017. For more information on Vega and its mission, the platform, the team, the applications portfolio, use cases, and white paper, visit Loyakk.io.

Building 'Enterprise Value Webs' as Modern Digital, Decentralized Ecosystems

Loyakk's mission is to help companies across the globe succeed in the new decentralized economy by reinventing the way they drive business and value across their fast-growing ecosystem of customers, channel partners, distributors, and suppliers. Loyakk is building transformative 'Enterprise Value Webs', which are decentralized, distributed, digital ecosystem structures, powered and protected by blockchain technology, and where multi-dimensional relationships are securely managed to create, deliver and move value to meet projected business demand.

"By reimagining how business interact and move data and value between organizations, blockchain has the potential to disrupt the broader business application space.  Loyakk has the required technical and business management expertise and the enterprise software DNA to deliver on this audacious goal of building enterprise value webs," Jonathan Becher, ex-Chief Digital Officer of SAP and also an advisor to Loyakk.

The blockchain-powered Vega Enterprise Relationship Platform offers a secure, data repository on consortium Blockchain that will power Value Webs where Enterprises can share sensitive business data and insights across their business ecosystem. The Vega-powered Value Webs will ensure permissioned access for data sharing, value movement, and automated business processes via smart contracts so that enterprises can seamlessly conduct business with anyone across the world as long as they contribute value to the end customer. This will help businesses across the globe expand their ecosystem, efficiently forge new relationships and deploy innovative business models to acquire & retain customers and revenues in the new decentralized economy.

"Enterprise Applications have been left untouched thus far by the power and potential of the blockchain, which is ironic given the billions in value that move between enterprises each day. Loyakk's vision to bring together secure data movement coupled with much more tightly connected ecosystem value chains is a very compelling vision and holds the potential for rewriting the rules of enterprise software," Patricia Hatter, ex-CIO, McAfee.

About Loyakk
Loyakk is based in London, UK with a presence in Palo Alto, California and is reimagining how enterprises engage securely and seamlessly across their business network leveraging the power of blockchain. Loyakk is run by a bluechip team with rich enterprise-software DNA having been an architect of ETrade's Option Trading Platform, developed High-Frequency Trading Platforms at CMT and Penson, built infrastructure analytics solutions for large enterprises and ran multi-billion dollar solutions and marketing efforts at SAP, Oracle-Siebel, and VMware.

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