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Lucy Hoger Recognized by Remarkable Radio as CEO Business Growth Expert Revealing How to Create Strong Thriving Businesses

Lucy Hoger, Board Member, CEO, Senior Executive and Philanthropist, Recognized by Remarkable Radio As Business Growth Expert Revealing How To Create Strong Thriving Businesses With Predictable Results


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/19/2015 --Board Member, CEO, Senior Executive and Philanthropist, Lucy Hoger launched, revealing a time tested formula where business owners and entrepreneurs turn their business problems into profits.

Lucy Hoger was recently recognized as a Remarkable Expert by Chicago's popular radio show called "Remarkable! Radio", that spotlights noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe. Hoger appeared as a guest on the show to share her experiences and revolutionary approaches she uses to help many troubled established businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs.

The show aired on AM560, The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in the Chicago, also home of Hannity and The Dennis Miller Show also air on this station.

During the interview, Lucy Hoger pointed out several ways to help businesses turn their problems into profits, and continue to be a strong and thriving company. She touched on the most common dilemma that many businesses find themselves in dealing with constant crisis management at the expense of achieving their overall strategic objectives.

"Lucy Hoger is a fiercely passionate business woman and a gifted speaker. Her brand of powerful storytelling is packed with teachable moments that will have you looking at business strategy in a whole new light. Lucy taught me more in one coaching session about how I can get the most out of any negotiation than whole books on the subject I've read in the past." - Ashley Webber

"We work with companies showing them how to get specific, actionable results rather than talking in generalities about what needs to get done. We show businesses how to transition into a highly effective and efficient company." further explained Lucy Hoger.

As a special announcement, Lucy Hoger, with over 20+ years of experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies and running several Silicon Valley businesses, will release her new book filled with fresh business insights titled "Wired for Results" early in 2016. The book details the seven key foundational stages for business growth.

"This 7 step formula has been time-tested with large as well as small businesses, equally impacting their bottom lines in a positive way," explains Lucy Hoger.

Lucy Hoger is sharing her corporate experience with now small and mid-size business owners and entrepreneurs, showing them how major corporations run a successful business no matter what are currently happening on in the economy. Business owners, who are not achieving the overall business success they want, tuned into Remarkable Radio's broadcast to hear Lucy's message and discover methods and techniques that could help turn their businesses around.

Lucy Hoger says, "We're thrilled to be able to offer this information for business owners. It's going to help a lot of companies start thriving instead of just fighting for profit."

To receive your free copy of an outline describing the 7 Step Winning Formula, click here.

About Lucy Hoger
Lucy Hoger is a successful, Board Member, CEO, Senior Executive and Philanthropist with a track record for propelling organizations and companies to their next level of profitable achievement within highly competitive markets. She has proven herself repeatedly as a leader for spearheading the turnaround of potential business failures into successes. She possess an exceptional ability to develop and retain leadership teams comprised of the "best of the best" talent that creates results-driven technology and business innovation.

Her unique expertise was honed through her background as a strategic consultant with Price Waterhouse and Gemini Consulting. That experience, combined with her background in real-world performance for several NASDAQ companies, brings a unique insight into problem solving for any business situation.

Lucy's strategic leadership in business and technology has created several industry prominent products and services. She has architected several complex software products used by several named corporations as well as created a number of professional services company spin-offs.