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Luna Vega, Author of the New Book "the Global Influence" Broadens Her Reach with the Launch of Her New Podcast on iTunes

Bringing a new voice to the Management & Marketing category on iTunes Luna Vega announces the launch of “The Global Influencer” podcast. Already named a Top 20 E-commerce Podcast, the online powerhouse gives listeners a chance to make use of valuable information about global marketing trends.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/11/2014 --Bringing valuable information to an even broader audience digital marketing consultant Luna Vega, announces the launch of her new podcast entitled, “The Global Influencer”. The author of “The Global Influence: The Small Business E-Commerce Guide to Selling Internationally” extends her reach with the podcast on iTunes designed to offer integral insight on global marketing strategies. Keeping the small business owner top-of-mind the consultant and author interviews helpful guests with a down to earth approach to selling products effectively worldwide.

Already named an iTunes Top 20 E-commerce Podcast Global Influencer topics are growing. Thus far they include, “The Facebook Ad Debate: How You Can Leverage It Positively For International Growth” among others. This podcast guides listeners through the cultural, logistical and technical needs that face small business owners when they launch products globally using social networking tools. Other Luna Vega podcasts include a discussion on e-commerce opportunities in Southeast Asia with guest Paul Srivorakul. Srivorakul, the regional CEO of aCommerce, discusses the widespread opportunities in the region as well as many of the special considerations they entail. Considerations like specific country regulations and the development of shipping and payment infrastructures.

The latest addition to The Global Influencer podcast library highlights a discussion with Nathan Millard who shares his insights regarding the Korean market. Millard brings to light the fact that Korea is a well-spring of influence in Asia and in fact propagates trends for the entire continent.

Offering a bevy of e-commerce tips The Global Influencer podcast has already garnered a following of listeners all too ready to share their reviews. HeydayFootwear gives the podcast five stars and states, “Nice to hear about how small businesses can compete globally.” For business owners with a smaller reach who are interested in expanding their knowledge another listener offers encouragement. They state, “Just marketing on a national level, The Global Influencer podcast has great tips and interesting guests!”

About Luna Vega
Luna Vega is a digital marketing consultant focused on fueling the growth of brands internationally. Vega has fifteen years of experience working in markets such as Paris, Berlin, Singapore and New York creating bespoke digital marketing plans for Fortune 500 clients. Using a network of experts from ethnographic researchers to software developers to connect brands with up to date cultural, social and digital opportunities she uncovers cultural nuances, technical business needs and key market challenges. She is the author of The Global Influence: The Small Business E-Commerce Guide to Selling Internationally.


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