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Achieve Clinical Research Is Conducting a New Lupus Clinical Trial in Birmingham, AL-- Volunteers Wanted

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Birmingham, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2015 --Why Are Volunteers Needed?

Unfortunately, many people get the wrong idea when they hear the words "clinical trial." There is a negative connotation associated with the term that can make it difficult for many clinics to reach their enrollment goals. This issue has derailed many promising research studies before they could even get off the ground.

The truth is that each person who volunteers for a clinical trial is playing a very important role in the advancement of available medicines and therapies. For some lupus patients, it's an opportunity to learn more about their condition and possibly gain some measure of control over their symptoms.

Many have heard of the risks involved for clinical trial participants, but what about the benefits? These can include:

- Gaining access to new medicine and therapies without needing health insurance

- Receiving premium medical care free-of-charge

The Chronic Symptoms of Lupus

To this day, systemic lupus erythematosus remains incredibly difficult to diagnose. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can produce such a wide range of symptoms; doctors often confuse early indications with a completely different medical condition. Some patients have gone years before their condition was actually confirmed.

This autoimmune disease can affect many different bodily systems, which will in part determine the symptoms that manifest.

The most common indications for lupus include:

- Rash that blooms across the cheeks and bridge of the nose (butterfly rash)
- Joint pain, swelling and stiffness
- Skin lesions that can be exacerbated by exposure to direct light
- Chest pain
- Unusually dry eyes
- Chronic fatigue and fever
- Headaches, migraines and some memory problems
- Discoloration in the digits when exposed to the cold or when really stressed
- Shortness of breath

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Study Qualification and Informed Consent

Applicants should understand that each clinical trial has its own set of eligibility criteria that is laid out in the study protocol. This helps to ensure that the data being collected from participants is as accurate as possible. The principal investigators will properly screen each person who is interested in participating in their clinical trial.

Also, the staff at Achieve Clinical Research will inform each volunteer about the specific procedures and methods involved in the study. It's very important that each participant is well aware of the risks and benefits before they are submit their signed informed consent form. Research volunteers should also know that they have the right to withdraw from the clinical trial at any time after enrollment.

Achieve's Clinical Research Facility

Birmingham is a city that is renowned for conducting intensive and successful clinical trials. In the midst of this competition, Achieve has been able to establish itself as one of the premier clinics in the Southeast. Their expansive facility is located right in the medical heart of the city, within walking distance of two major medical centers, Brookwood Medical Center and St. Vincent's Hospital.

For Sponsors and CRO's

It's not easy to find the right clinic to conduct a large-scale or intensive clinical trial. Achieve has maintained an impeccable record of success since opening their doors in 1998. The management team and investigative staff work closely with an extensive network of local physicians and specialists to recruit volunteers at a high level and expedite the start-up of new clinical trials. Sponsor or CRO?

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Achieve Clinical Research conducts a wide range of clinical trials in Birmingham, AL. For more information about these research opportunities, please visit their website ( or contact them directly at 205-380-6434.