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LurraLife Goes Mobile with 212 Technologies

The initial roll out of the LurraLife mobile app has generated strong results reflecting a promising long term future for the company and its Brand Partners.


Missoula, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2020 --212 Technologies, LLC announced the initial results from the launch of its mobile application for LurraLife. The official launch occurred in March and despite the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the results continue to accumulate. Thousands of LurraLife Brand Partners have leveraged the technology to successfully solicit more than 15,000 customers for the company's products in just the past few months.

The LurraLife mobile application is a business building breakthrough offering advanced Prospect Invitation, Social Publishing, Prospect Management, Team Management, Notification tracking, Account management tools, Getting Started process, integrated team 3-Way Calling, Training Videos and more. Designed to help Brand Partners quickly expand their results and success, the powerful yet intuitive design provides a highly duplicatable system anyone can use. More than a simple tool, the app utilizes 212's "Hub Technology" which provides Brand Partners direct access to everything they need to run their business on a daily basis from the palm of their hand, including single-click access to their company back office software.

LurraLife Co-founder, Travis Martin remarked, "You know you are making a global difference when you are able to track your results in real time: having this app allows you to do just that. Rolling out this intuitive app and tool for our entire field to use has been powerful!"

LurraLife Co-founder, Johnathan Bryant added, "To have such an innovative tool to be utilized by our Brand Partners is so beneficial. We have watched so many Brand Partners see success and duplication by simply plugging in. This App is an industry game changer!"

Central to the LurraLife app's design and philosophy, each Brand Partner defines an activity commitment to meet their personal goals. 212 Technologies' powerful Automated Intelligence (A.I.) Engine then goes to work dynamically monitoring business activity and triggers real time notifications to individuals and their teams. The system is highly "game-ified" with engaging sounds, awards, badges, and even fireworks with confetti that keep a smile on your face and make the business building process fun.

212 Technologies President, Camaron Corr commented, "It has been our pleasure working with Travis Martin and Johnathan Bryant who have the vision of putting this powerful, multi-layered, intuitive technology in the palm of every field partner! We call it the 'Sponsor in your pocket!'"

The app is powered by 212 Technologies' robust Language Engine which allows LurraLife to deploy the business building system and all of the company's marketing materials in multiple languages simultaneously. The app is currently supporting English and Korean languages, with plans to add several more soon.

Since the official launch, 212 Technologies has already published 14 additional app updates to continue to refine content and functionality in response to Brand Partner feedback. The app has already received around hundreds or ratings and reviews on the AppStore and PlayStore, averaging an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars.

212 Technologies CEO, Mike Darling added, "We love LurraLife! From the owners to the staff to all of the wonderful people in the field, this is a company poised to go places, and fast. At a time when more and more people are thinking about the benefits of working from home, it's our pleasure to help support LurraLife in that effort!"

About LurraLife
LurraLife was founded on the belief that a group of like-minded individuals can be the change they want to see in the world. The company believes a big part of this is based on helping people perform at their best through enhanced knowledge and health-targeted supplementation. But LurraLife's philosophy is not just about taking health supplements, it is a holistic approach to help customers reach their healthy lifestyle goals: mind, body, and spirit. The company is also devoted to helping a global community of people realize their potential for personal growth and success. For this important purpose, LurraLife works as a team and has taken a stand for a better life for everyone. For more information, visit https://lurralife.com.

About 212 Technologies, LLC
212 Technologies, LLC is a leading developer of marketing technologies for the direct sales market including web-based software and mobile applications. Its systems have been developed based upon more than 24 years' experience in online marketing and have been accessed by over 20 million system users. Its flagship products leverage cutting-edge technology and provide a comprehensive "end to end" platform, including customer facing websites, back end system management, unique database schema, specialized client and server side scripting, intuitive mobile applications, and a proprietary AI Module ("Automated Intelligence") that monitors data and interacts seamlessly between each system element. For more information, visit https://212technologies.net.