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Luxury Linen Bedding Store Pens Love Letter to Napping

nappers rejoice, luxury linen bedding store Somn Home, shares now napping provides a quick health boost in new blog post.


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2020 --As a luxury linen bedding store, Sömn Home has recently published an article explaining how napping allows people to re-energize and recharge. For more, go to https://somnhome.com/blogs/journal/how-napping-boosts-your-overall-health.

While it's generally accepted that naps are beneficial for kids, plenty of adults enjoy the benefits of an occasional snooze. In fact, when done correctly, a daily nap can be tremendously beneficial for anyone in need of a quick recharge.

Here are four compelling reasons to embrace the snooze:

Enhances Relaxation
Scheduling an afternoon nap reminds the body to slow down and take a break. Even if it's just for a few minutes, the act of lying down and doing some calming breathing exercises (or meditation) can increases relaxation and focus.

Reduces fatigue:
Bad night's sleep? A quick nap can work wonders when it comes to reading fatigue and dispelling the feeling of brain fog.

Increases alertness:
A tired brain makes it difficult to perform. A nap that's not too short or too long can actually increase alertness levels and job performance.

Boosts mood:
Crankiness can be a sign of sleep deprivation. A short nap can lead to a happier, more productive mindset.

Remember, napping on the advice of a sleep guru isn't always necessary. Generally, it's just an approach to adopt to combat unexpected tiredness. Whether the problem stems from a late-night, stress, crying kids--or any other factors, a nap can work wonders. However, if the problem persists, consulting a physician may be advisable to ensure there are no underlying factors.

Tips for Napping Like a Pro

- Avoid oversleeping, which can lead to grogginess. The best naps are typically 10-20 minutes

- Early afternoon is the best time for naps as late naps can interfere with sleep patterns

- Get comfy. Nap in a dark, quiet place with the head resting comfortably to get relaxed quickly

For those who have the luxury of napping in their beds, airy breathable linen sheets are another great way to get super comfy. Look for more sleep tips from Sömn Home at https://somnhome.com/blogs/journal and check out their collection of luxury linen bedding for a better sleep (and naps!)

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