Luxury ONE ROQ Vodka® Announces Online Public Offering to Launch Category-Innovating Lifestyle Platform

ONE ROQ Spirits, makers of Internationally Award-winning, American-luxury vodka, ONE ROQ®, announces today its initial direct public equity offering through and Proceeds will be used to launch its category pioneering lifestyle platform, ONE ROQ Vodka Club™ and the “Own Your Spirit” cultural ad campaign.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2018 --ONE ROQ Spirits, LLC, American purveyor of ONE ROQ luxury vodkas, has announced this today (3pm Eastern Time) its initial public offering through and, where proceeds will be used to introduce and expand its innovative lifestyle platform, ONE ROQ Vodka Club™. The Club is designed to offer all consumers (not just the wealthy) a chance to experience ownership of its world-class luxury spirit at the ground floor, and the authentic lifestyle and financial privileges that come with it. Privileges include: ownership (equity) in the brand, a dividend in profitable years, a vote to influence company direction, VIP invitations to company sponsored events, referral rewards, lifestyle content, an on-demand concierge for ordering and gifting, upside potential, and other unique features designed to enhance member experience and company performance.

With a first-mover advantage, the ONE ROQ Club platform is anticipated to pioneer a new “authentic lifestyle” industry category, expand the company's distribution footprint, and rapidly acquire valuable market share of the coveted premium high-end vodka category, positioning it for future success.

Last year, the distilled spirits industry generated $76 billion in retail sales, with vodka making up over 30% - the lions share among the five major categories of spirits. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of America, the category grew at just under 6% CAGR in the US in 2016, with the overall industry experiencing its 8th consecutive year of positive growth. For the last twelve years the market has been routinely categorized as yielding some of the highest exit multiples of any other consumer vertical. At the same time barriers to entry remain among the highest, too.

"The company has been a patient and responsive learner," states Garrett Green, Founder & CEO of ONE ROQ. "We are a principled brand that was willing to invest time and money to establish the right foundation, including developing and validating the product, producing several high-profile awards and partnerships, and gaining the critical industry expertise that will allow us to avoid industry landmines moving forward. With a novel financial and customer acquisition strategy in place, ONE ROQ is now in position to build itself into a highly disruptive luxury spirits brand serving a large, discerning crowd of investment-savvy consumers."

The company's competitive differentiator lies in its focus to deliver on superior American-luxury product quality, a world-class owner experience, and the consistent promotion of its core societal beliefs.

"Nearly all brands within the industry rely on 'Lifestyle Advertising' as a tactic of building consumer desire. This scheme is the practice by companies of associating brands with the images of successful or attractive lifestyles, all in an attempt to have consumers believe when they buy those brands, they will (somehow) acquire that status and success in society," states Green. "ONE ROQ believes this is disingenuous, because ONE ROQ knows that real lifestyles are enjoyed by – and only by - brand owners.”

About ONE ROQ Spirits
When award-winning product developer and brand strategist, Garrett Green entered the spirits market in 2012, he knew he wasn't going to be able to beat the giant brands at their own game. So, for four years, he invested to perfect his product, learn the industry, and develop an innovative business model designed to break through their barriers.

ONE ROQ Spirits produces the internationally award-winning luxury vodka brand, ONE ROQ. The vodka is distilled from mid-western, American corn, and pristine Colorado mountain water. The vodka, which is also gluten, sulfite and sodium free, will be available in four expressions: Super-Premium (original), Raspberry Magenta, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and Loganberry (blackberry + raspberry). ONE ROQ received its gold medal in the International SIP Awards in San Francisco within one hundred and twenty days of its initial market introduction. Following this accomplishment, the brand immediately received praise with several, high-profile partnerships with renowned luxury brands such as Robb Report Magazine, Rand Luxury and Bentley Motors, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Elite Traveler, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Black Book Mag, and more. Today, ONE ROQ is preferred vodka by consumers with a passion for the highest quality – and most meaningful spirits - in America. ONE ROQ Vodka is available for home delivery and via select retailers worldwide. For more information, visit, or e-mail:

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About The Founder
J. Garrett Green is an American entrepreneur, award-winning brand developer, and counter-culture enthusiast.