Posh Event Cottages

Luxury Restroom Cottage for Outdoor Events


Webster Groves, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/07/2014 --The last thing on your mind when planning an expensive outdoor wedding is restrooms. In the past, guests would simply line up, holding their noses, outside the rented construction site potty—or find a private bush. These days, thanks to luxury restroom trailer companies, the talk of the party is no longer the catering, the band, the ice sculpture, the guests, or even the bride’s dress - It’s all about the restrooms. High end potties are so sought-after there aren’t enough to keep up with demand—they’ve become the first thing some event planners book.

At a recent party in suburban St. Louis, the luxurious restroom trailers, supplied by Posh Event Cottages, had private stalls for women and men. Posh calls their luxury restroom trailers “cottages” and are equipped with faux wood floors, cottage like interiors, porcelain fixtures and best of all air conditioning. The cottage played the host’s music from the iPhone. There was also LED lighting and even an attendant standing out front to ensure a positive cottage experience. The stalls had candles and fresh flowers inside. “It’s nicer than my bathroom at home,” more than one guest was heard to remark.

“People are shocked. They say, ‘Really? This bathroom has air conditioning!’” says veteran police officer turned entrepreneur Gregory Haug, President and CEO of Posh Event Cottages in Webster Groves, Missouri. Haug continues as a police officers and hires other off-duty police officers to help out as needed. “Party goers, especially women stay longer because there is no fear of using a dirty construction grade potty at an outdoor black tie event that will ruin their dresses.” Haug says the host needs to provide a 20 amp electrical outlet and a garden hose but other options are available. The cottage takes about thirty minutes to set up, provided you have room for a 15 foot trailer. The cottages can handle about 150 guests and looks more like a movie trailer than a restroom with its sleek exterior and floral graphics. The cottages arrive thoroughly cleaned at each event and are brand new 2014 models. Posh rents their cottages starting at $1,950 per event with free delivery within a 30 mile radius. The cottages are perfect for weddings, private or corporate functions and other high-end occasions. The cottages are delivered by nicely attired and trained employees, a far cry from the industry standard sleeveless shirts and flip-flops.

“The trend is spreading because party goers are generally terrified by the classic potties. These cottages are very popular in Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas and are now available in St. Louis for the event host that wants to impress their guest or customers,” says Haug. “There really is no middle ground in restroom business, you have these luxurious cottages or those ugly construction site potties. If you are going all out and spending a thousand on ice sculptures and another thousand on the cake, then the rest of the wedding or event has to come up to the same level.”