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Luxury Pools Magazine Names the 2014 Pinnacle Award Winners


Mahwah, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2014 --Luxury Pools Magazine Names The 2014 Pinnacle Award Winners

Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping of NJ wins the Pinnacle Award from Luxury Pools Magazine for their violin pool built in Westchester, NY

Luxury Pools Magazine works to showcase some of the world’s best custom swimming pools and the designers and builders behind them. Each year the magazine picks a select few projects for distinction that represent a highly skilled level of craftsmanship and design ingenuity. The Pinnacle Award is a true honor of distinction as it represents the best of the best in luxury pools from around the world. Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping located in Bergen County NJ has been awarded the 2014 Pinnacle Award for their violin pool.

The violin pool started after a client who is an amateur musician came to Cipriano with the idea of designing a music themed pool. Through a couple of exploratory meetings the idea of creating an exact replica to scale of the 1700s era Stradivarius violin was born. Rather than just creating the shape of the violin, the pool would include all of the violin’s features like the chinrest, strings, tailpiece, bow, f-holes, purfling and bridge. The ingenuity was how each of these items was depicted as a functioning component of this luxurious pool.

The chinrest is one of the standout features and was crafted as a 12-person perimeter overflow spa. It was finished entirely in jet-black glass tiles producing an elegantly clean finish. The raised spa stands out above the rest of the pool as a true work of art, but yet still fits in seamlessly with the rest of the design.

The interior of the pool itself was finished with custom iridescent glass tiles to enhance the image. Cipriano’s staffed tile installers individually installed nearly 500,000 pieces of glass tile across the floor and walls of the luxury swimming pool. Unique to this one pool The Cipriano Landscape Architecture office worked extensively with the tile manufacturer Oceanside Glass Tile to create a 4-way gradient pattern. Typically glass tile only transitions in one direction or possibly two if going outwards from a centerline. In order to create the violin’s “sun burst” effect where the color slowly blends from a dark to light brown as you move inwards, the glass tile had to transition in all four directions. The one of a kind gradient blend allowed the tile color to seamlessly reach all of the pools many curved walls.

Fiber optic and LED lighting were incorporated into the design to create masterful nighttime effects. At night fiber optic rope lighting emits from under the coping to outline the shape of the violin. Perhaps more impressively, to create the strings image, fiber optic lighting was woven in between glass tile into the shell of the pool. This allows the glass tile to display the strings during the day and the fiber optics to show them at night. When the strings light up they also define lap lanes for swimmers, perfect for evening enjoyment. Hidden LED lights in the walls reflect vibrant colors off of the shimmering glass tile to create beautiful nighttime colors.

The bow of the violin, which intersects the neck of the pool, is actually two koi ponds that are attached to the structure of the swimming pool. To keep the swimming pool water and koi pond water separate, acrylic panels were installed into the shell of the pool. Through the panels underwater swimmers can have a direct view of the nearby fish. The koi ponds feature a plethora of aquatic plants and additional fiber optic lighting to bring them to life during the day and night.

The pool patio features a border of the limestone custom cut to create the G clef symbol that can be found when reading sheets of music. The adjoining main patio features dolomitic limestone set in a French pattern, and hosts a remarkable outdoor kitchen and bar with a built in T.V. and surround sound system. The landscape planting design enhances the musical theme of the property. Curving boxwood hedges were planted as stems throughout the landscape from which colorful perennials and annuals are planted off of. The movement of the hedges and play of color is designed to convey the idea of motion, similar to what is felt when listening to music. A 40 foot wide Japanese Lace Leaf Maple and other mature specimen trees, transplanted from Cipriano’s farm, were installed to provide height as well as accents to the design.

The holistic approach to this one of a kind backyard, ingenious design solutions and excellent craftsmanship is what made this project one of Cipriano’s finest. “The violin pool truly is one of a kind and we are truly grateful for the 2014 Pinnacle Award from Luxury Pools Magazine.” Says Chris Cipriano, President of Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools & Landscaping.

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