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M-Tec Duo-Mix Plastering Machine from Plasterers One Stop Shop Now at a Lower Price


Cheltenham, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2018 --Plasterers One Stop Shop delivers quality every time with its broad range of plastering and rendering products and tools, from the smallest products such as trowels to the largest products that include specially-designed plastering and rendering machinery. Today, Plasterers One Stop Shop has more to offer with its special sale on the M-Tec Duo-mix, among other excellent products.

There are arguably a lot of products offered at Plasterers One Stop Shop, and the fact that it is a dedicated shop for plasterers and renderers makes it easy for these professionals to find everything they need under just one roof. But amongst the many products at Plasterers One Stop Shop, such as plastering tools like trowels, spatulas, hawks and hand boards, and serrated edges, as well as plastering equipment which includes work wear, power tools, and more, the plastering machines are always a big draw.

The collection of plastering machines offered by Plasterers One Stop Shop is extensive, and the range includes some of the most powerful and robust machines around, such as the M-tec M200, the M-tec M330, the M-tec M100, the EZE K4, the EZE 24, and more. But there is one machine which is always in popular demand: the M-tec Duo-mix 2000. The plastering machines for sale at Plasterers One Stop Shop certainly do not disappoint, but this plastering machine 'takes the cake' as they say.

The machine plastering specialists can all agree that the M-tec Duo-mix 2000 performs above and beyond customers' expectations. The plastering machine is now on offer for only £11,500, excluding VAT, and this is a reduction from its regular price of £13,800. The device is known for its versatility, and it can quickly adapt to a range of jobs and projects. It provides brilliant mixing capabilities, and it can work with a host of materials as well.

One reason for the M-tec Duo-mix 2000's versatility is its unique mixing system which is combined with the company's patented principle for mixing, making for excellent mixing every single time. Compared to other mixing machines on the market today, the M-tec Duo-mix 2000 is a step above.

It can do a wide range of tasks, and specialists can use it for rendering, flooring, construction chemicals, masonry, and ETICS, and it works very well with bricklaying mortar, floor screed, insulating plaster, lime plaster, lime cement plaster, and lime gypsum plaster, as well as the drying of adhesives.

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