Magazine Maker AnyFlip Brings a Cloud-Based "All-in-One" Solution to Users

AnyFlip, a magazine maker, provides users a cloud-based platform where they can distribute their online magazine to every corner of the world, allowing anyone to read their magazine with any device. AnyFlip protects the data of published magazine as well.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2016 --As a magazine maker, AnyFlip helps users create a magazine with series of pictures, audios, videos and so on in motion that flips from one page to another in such a way that when the page is turned they appear to be animated.

AnyFlip also serves as a digital publishing tool with multiple advanced features which offers an effective solution for users to reach out to their potential audience across the world. The magazine created by AnyFlip plays as a personal movie or slide show which is a great way to learn how animation works. It is very taught full and amazing.

AnyFlip is a magazine maker whose main focus is to create an amazing magazine that incorporates all the solutions of using a magazine including the cloud-based platform which requires no software but makes it easy for publishers to create and manage their publications through fully- hosted cloud platform through the AnyFlip server by just uploading the PDF and other digital publications like magazines, catalogs, brochures and many more within minutes.

Also, the magazine created by AnyFlip can be distributed to every part of the world through its cloud service with just a click.

AnyFlip cloud solution uses the Amazon S3 service to store the data or personal information, which gives publishers the right to restrict access and protect their PDF content on the cloud.

AnyFlip cloud solution has also made magazine available to different mobile, desktop and tablet platforms that anybody can read a magazine through the internet.

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About AnyFlip
AnyFlip is one of the leading technology provides of digital publishing software solutions, allowing users to convert any printed material into a unique digital publication with an elegant page-flipping effect.