Magazine Publishers Think FlipHTML5 Is a Convenient Magazine Creator

FlipHTML5 is very easy to use according to magazine publishers who are using it as their magazine creator.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2018 --Magazine publishers know for a fact that being efficient will translate into business profits. Thus, they are the best ones who could define the quality standards of an ideal digital magazine creator. Recently, FlipHTML5 has captured the attention of magazine publishers, making it as their highly recommended magazine creator. This is because of the magazine creator's compelling features. They cited many ideal components of FlipHTML5, which include its user-friendly interface, efficient PDF conversion speed, fast publishing process and the wide choices of cost-efficient software plans.

The CEO of FlipHTML5, Winston Zhang, said, "FlipHTML5 is designed to increase the productivity of its users by simplifying the process of importing PDF documents into the FlipHTML5 platform, enhancing PDF magazines and publishing them to their target readers."

With the free version of the magazine creator, users can already maintain one FlipHTML5 account that could store up to 20 gigabyte-size collection of magazines. Free users can also upload a maximum of 5 PDFs per day and turn them into engaging magazines that could be browsed with either the flipping or sliding effect. Added to these, FlipHTML5 users can easily share their digital magazines on social networks, which will enable their magazines to have a wider reach of readers.

The free version of FlipHTML5 is already packed with many beneficial features but the Pro, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise versions are fuller than what users are paying for. These include, among others, limitless daily uploads, multiple bookcases where they can categorize numerous published magazines, Google Analytics tracking, integration of search engine optimization function, customization on logos, branding, looks, animation effects and a lot more. FlipHTML5 is undoubtedly the best in e-publishing.

FlipHTML5 magazine creator is downloadable at http://fliphtml5.com/. The website also provides vast information about the software's quality features, affordable plans and transparent reviews provided by real FlipHTML5 users.

About FlipHTML5
The company that built FlipHTML5 magazine creator has proven its expertise in providing competent digital publishing solutions. FlipHTML5 is inspired from an innovative concept of making magazines that are more accessible to readers all over the world through e-publishing. FlipHTML5 is today's leading magazine creator that is also capable of producing other digital contents for personal, business or leisure use.