Magi Entertainment Announces Kickstarter Campaign for New Megami Saga Anime Figure


Chesapeake, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2016 --Independent art and gaming design house Magi Entertainment has announced a Kickstarter project in support of their latest endeavor - a beautiful anime figure based on a lead character from their newest multi-platform production, Megami Saga.

Megami Saga: Resurrection is the latest graphic novel from Studio Mizuki and Magi Entertainment. It has been generating a steady buzz in the independent OEL Manga scene. The story, though set in contemporary times, tells of a world where demons have entered the human realm, attempting to wreak havoc among us. To fight against these demons, a global organization named The Holy Guard was formed. One such guardian is Sakura, a powerful deity that saved her village from demons and resides in the Sakura Shrine. Though, through her protection, the village has grown into a prosperous city, a rival clan named the Tenshins is hell bent on her destruction, and after many generations finally succeeds. By fusing her remains with their own DNA, Reiko and Yuri Tenshin are birthed - two children gifted with Sakura's powers. Mitsuko Sakuramoto, the current head of the Sakura shine, discovers this and is able to rescue the girls and raise them at the shrine. However, certain members of the shrine blame the girls for Sakura's death and have staged a coup in order to capture them and use them to revive the deity. It's at this vital point that Megami Saga: Resurrection begins!

The first anime figure to be released is that of Reiko, the reincarnation of the Kitsune (fox) deity Sakura. The 15cm chibi figure depicts a young Reiko complete with fox ears. As the very first one, this figure will hold particular collectible value. The Kickstarter has been designed to allow supporters to get involved in the figure's creation regardless of their budget, and offers an array of exciting rewards. By pledging as little as $15, entry level backers can receive physical copies of the graphic novel with a Collector's Edition also available. Those pledging $80 will receive the valuable first editions of the Reiko figure as well as a copy of the Collector's Edition novel. Top-tier backers will receive either one or a combination of extremely limited life-sized wall graphics of the Megami Saga characters. Should the campaign sufficiently surpass its goal, top tier backers will receive a limited edition figure with swappable outfit.

About Magi Entertainment and Studio Mizuki
Magi Entertainment and Studio Mizuki are independent production studios which develop and publish graphic novels and games. Based in Chesapeake, VA, the studios are preparing their first major releases in the form of the Megami Saga, which include the graphic novels Megami Saga: Crimson Princess and Megami Saga: Resurrection as well as the Megami Saga Vs. game currently in development.