Magic Office Chair Caster Wheels - No More Chair Mat Needed


Kiev, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2018 --Stealtho proudly announces the reinvented office chair wheels. Unlike its predecessors, Stealtho Wheels are designed to save the floor from scratches and to make the rolling experience as smooth as it ever possibly could be. Stealtho simultaneously launched a Kickstarter campaign, utilizing crowdsourcing to help bring the new generation of office wheels into the world.

Stealtho's designers realized that the needs of today's office people were not being met. Office workers today need a chair that rolls over dozens of cables and won't damage expensive hardwood flooring. However, even the chairs of respected brands are equipped with cheap plastic caster wheels, which scratch the floor, get clogged with dust and hair, roll poorly, with no chance to roll over cables. People often purchases plastic mats to save their floor, but it can't solve the whole problem. With this in mind, Stealtho embarked on a mission to design caster wheels for today's dynamic office worker and for his own floor as well.

Based on innovative engineering and design concepts, Stealtho Wheels successfully address the problems faced by today's office workers in areas of mobility, convenience, comfort, ergonomics, durability, and aesthetics, to suit their terrific office chairs. Stealtho Wheels boast a number of breakthrough features:

A reinvented wheel - Stealtho Wheels are designed with a diameter that assumes a chair will inevitably roll over many types of cables, and on the other hand, it doesn''t increase the height of the chair;

Safeness - Hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, bamboo, and pergo: plenty of flooring types that will be safe with Stealtho now;

Mobility - Our Wheels can roll for 30 seconds more than the standard plastic wheel, also the form of the wheel is designed to get the best maneuverability and speed characteristics;

Durability - It has a lifetime warranty, because it doesn't break. Plastic wheels are usually erased in 10-15 months, Stealtho Wheels don't rub off at all, because they're made of high-tech elastic polyurethane;

Ergonomics - Stealtho Wheels have a soft locking system, that helps you to freeze your chair movements with one easy action. And even more - we have a 'no-more-stumble' feature, because our Wheels glow in the dark.

Stealtho CEO Vitalii Savryha had this say, "We began from a Kickstarter campaign and then we'll move to Amazon, because there are no worthwhile solutions on the market. By changing the simple things you can change the world for the better."

The Kickstarter Campaign for Stealtho Wheels is planned to begin on April 17, 2018. Pre-orders will be available at a discount price, starting from $39, while the retail price starts from $60.

When we will reach our stretch goal $50.000, STEALTHO Gamer's Pack of wheels will appear in the list of our pledges.