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MAGNET GROUP Selects DocClocker and DOC-OR to Transform Waiting Room Experiences for Member Providers & Patients

Fast Pathway LLC Receives GPO Contract Award


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2018 --The Mid-Atlantic Group Network of Shared Services Cooperative, the MAGNET GROUP, has awarded a three-year agreement with Fast Pathway LLC to provide Fast Pathway's mobile app solutions to MAGNET GROUP member health care providers and member facilities.

Fast Pathway, LLC's mobile app solutions, DocClocker® and DOC-OR®, are mobile applications that providers can make available to patients to deliver personalized information. The DocClocker® app is a convenient way for patients to locate and select medical services providers, selecting by reviewing the provider's specific information and a display of average wait times. Patients can manage appointments, receive reminders, and rate and report on their office visits.

The DOC-OR® app is an enhanced communication tool between the Operating Room and the patient's family and friends in the waiting room. DOC-OR® uses the DocClocker® platform to provide real-time updates on surgical procedures and personalized interactive communication on the patient's progress in real time directly to the family through their own smart devices via the DocClocker® app. Providers and Operating Rooms manage the information and displays to meet the needs of patients and family while meeting HIPAA protocols for patient information.

Access to DocClocker® and DOC-OR® is through a subscription service that will be available from the MAGNET GROUP GPO platform.

Diane Mase, President of MAGNET GROUP, commented, "Fast Pathway has created an app that is powerful and easy to use for providers and patients. Our members will be able to use it to increase their access and service delivery to patients while saving staff and advertising costs. Operating rooms will be able to communicate with the waiting room directly and without the need for staff to scrub in and out to provide updates. MAGNET GROUP believes these simple applications provide real value to our members through our agreement with Fast Pathway."

Fast Pathway LLC is the developer and operator of the DocClocker® platform and maintains the cloud-based technology for subscribers and users.

MAGNET GROUP is one of the nation's oldest and most experienced shared services organizations in North America. MAGNET GROUP serves approximately 9,500 providers, including hospitals, alternate care facilities, and physician practices and clinics with a contract portfolio that includes equipment, services, commodities. MAGNET GROUP is especially focused on improving the effectiveness of member providers in the newly emerging area of niche/boutique (innovative and cost-reducing) products.

About Doc Clocker
Developed by Fast Pathway LLC, DocClocker brings transparency to the doctor's waiting room using modern technology to streamline communication between doctors, patients, and their families. For more information about Doc Clocker, please visit the app's website.

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