Maine Dye & Textiles Seeks Investors to Expand Business


Saco, ME -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2018 --In an era when many textiles are manufactured overseas, more Americans are seeking out American-made textiles in order to support local businesses. Many are also concerned with global climate change, choosing local manufacturers to reduce the impact on the environment of transporting goods.

Maine Dye & Textiles is a dyehouse in the United States that has been experiencing steady growth in recent years. The company dyes high-quality yarns to be used to make clothing and other textile products. The team has spent the last five years working with the best yarns, dyes and other materials to ensure their products are of superior quality. Maine Dye & Textiles dyes yarn and thread from a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic, to achieve beautiful, rich colors. As the business continues to expand, it will be able to incorporate even more textiles and dye colors to increase its offerings.

Since the company's start in 2012, its revenues have been increasing year-over-year, with the company bringing in more than $640,000 in 2017. The company is on pace to come close to $1 million in revenue this year. Because of its success thus far, the company intends to expand in the coming months, hiring more employees to more than double its staff and extending hours of operation to three shifts in order to produce more products. This will enable the company to further solidify its position in the global market and continue to grow.

To help achieve this goal, the Maine Dye & Textiles team has launched a crowdfunding investment campaign on GrowthFountain. The campaign has a funding goal of $100,000, and investors can get a piece of the company for a minimum investment of just $200. The campaign will run until November 6, 2018. The company has a pre-money valuation of $2.3 million for the purposes of the campaign.

All investors will receive a personalized "thank you" card from the team, and those who invest $600 or more will also get two skeins of high-quality Black Fly Yarn for their own use. Those who invest more than $5,000 will receive a $250 travel voucher in order to visit the facility for a tour of the premises. All investors will receive a share of future profits in proportion to their initial investment.