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Maintenance-Free Denture Adhesive Alternative Is Now Available


Vancouver, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2017 --For years denture wearers have been longing for a maintenance-free denture adhesive, but there is really no way that this can be accomplished. An adhesive must be applied and reapplied continually, so the residue from the spent application must be scraped away. The quest is not really for a maintenance-free denture adhesive, but for an adhesive alternative that does not require any maintenance.

There is a difference-maker that is making a big splash within the dental community called DenSureFit. OTC Dental offers a soft reline denture solution, DenSureFit, through their website, and it is getting great reviews from people who have started using the product. There is no maintenance required for people that utilize DenSureFit, because it is not a sticky adhesive. This innovative product is silicone-based, and it works on a suction principle. Once applied, the application will last for an extended period of time (months in some cases).

It is soft and it feels comfortable next to the gum, but it provides a snug fit that keeps the upper denture in place. It creates a new seal that can prevent food from getting between the denture and the gum, and many people that use the product say that they can eat anything that they want to without hesitation. They also state that they feel very confident speaking at length, even in front of groups, and they know that they can smile without being afraid of any slippage.

This maintenance-free denture adhesive alternative is odorless and tasteless, so the annoying, foul tasting seepage that can persist all day with adhesives is not present. There is also no danger of the health hazards that are associated with zinc, an element that is used in some dental adhesive products.

DenSureFit provides excellent customer service, and they ship out all orders very promptly. Plus, considering all the benefits that are provided by this innovative maintenance free denture adhesive alternative, the price is surprisingly affordable. This product can definitely have a life-changing effect, and it is something to consider if you are a denture wearer.

About DenSure Fit
DenSure Fit is a maintenance free denture adhesive alternative that is steadily growing in popularity. It is available online, and a monthly subscription plan is available.