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Major Advance in Institutional Trading Will Change World Trading

First Major Change in Trading Financial Markets in 100 Years.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2014 --According to Eugene Steele, President of Executive Managed Forex Co. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the financial markets will see a change in their trading method. Steele came across a charting method which was published twenty years ago in Steve Nison's book Beyond Candle Sticks. However, it did not take him long to discover that the explanation offered in the book of how to trade the chart was wrong. Steele said, "Calling the method a 'three line break' chart is completely wrong." "Our test showed that the setting of three line breaks is a good way to lose money. We developed our method with TradeStation's platform and until a few weeks ago they were still referring to the 'three line break'. I posted a comment there and finally they got the word. So even a developer can be suckered in by a 20 year old mistake. However, in speaking with their easy language group they said they know of no one that trades these charts.

The proper way to trade is to enter as soon as the trade is signaled by a change in color. The first formed block is referred to as the money bar, so you want to be in that money bar trade the millisecond it takes place. A human entry is three seconds slower depending on the platform you are using.

We are a company that will only deal with institutions, funds, insurance companies and family offices. We seek only the best results for the clients. Our minimum account is 10 million dollars and our growth goal is one billion dollars added every twelve months to the money under management. Line Break charting is unique. First, it works only on price. The historic traders used point and figure charts and they understood that price and not time was the proper way to trade. Second, line break charts are a trend charting program. They properly identify trends one after the other, so all you see on the chart is trends. Since US security trading began, the saying "the trend is your friend" still stands, but somewhere it was lost to time. Time does not define a trend, prices does. No one says I am going to buy this security or future or currency every day at 1:05 p.m.

Line Break Charting has some special features my opinion is that it confuses new users and apparently they just give up using it. I love that. I feel like Dell computer starting in a garage. Over ten years ago I started with Renko charts and made three trades that all were bad, I called the trading desk and asked, "How can you fill those trades? The market was never there ? " But, the market was there, I just did not understand how the charting worked. That sent me to learn line break charts, but the published articles did not make sense, so I automated the charting. Using line break charts without understanding how they work will not bring success.

They do not react as bar or candlestick charts do. They do not print where they have been, but our software designer, Sam Tennis, "Mr. Easy Language", wrote an indicator that solves that problem.

If you automate you will have the statistics to back up your performance. We have tested the model over ten years and we are always testing all currency pairs to see which has the best performance.

I was going to use the program for people to supplement their social security income, but the best solution was to deal only with institutions because we will have to pay at least four people to monitor each account over 24 hours a day. We offer total transparency 24 hours a day, adjustable leverage, liquidity in a daily four trillion dollar market, hedging protection, a standard trading strategy, trading can be stopped at any time, and funds can be withdrawn. Some funds may be held in the institutions' preferred bank. Retirement funds, hedge funds and family offices want these elements.

We recommend the spot four trillion dollar Forex market due to its size and the trending markets..We can create a custom program for the institution involving their choices . I suggest that traders just watch these charts, they are not for the public, but you have to put an effort into understand how to trade them or you will lose money. Trading is not investing and requires a team to watch the market full time. We plan 4 people on 6 hours shifts for each account"

Example of Line Break Chart