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Majorca Jewel Loses Shine

For years Majorca has been the favourite destination for European holidaymakers, and has helped Spain to be the holiday country it is today. But with the Euro strong against the pound, British tourists have been swapping Majorca for Turkey.


Guildford, Surrey -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2008 -- For years Majorca has been the jewel in the crown of Spanish tourism - successfully attracting Europeans, especially from Germany and the UK, but also further afield in recent years as Americans, Canadians, Russians and Australians have discovered for themselves that a holiday in Majorca isn't just plenty of sunshine and good beaches.

Majorca is an island that is as private or public as a tourist wants it to be, and as cosmpolitan as Magaluf or as quiet and pristine as Deia.

Late and all night parties, budget hotels and cheap flights are all on the same island as some of the best hotels in the world such as La Residencia in Deia, and on the same island that has the all night drinking as cycle trails, mountains and traditional Spanish countryside that makes Majorca special for so many tourists - it has one of the highest numbers of returning holidaymakers among the popular holiday destinations in Europe.

But it is economic circumstances rather than the appeal of the island that could see Majorca holidays be relegated from the top spot for European vacations, and see Turkey emerge as the new favourite this year.

A combination of a weak pound for British tourists visiting for Majorca holidays where the Euro is used, making a trip some ten per cent more expensive than for the same time last year, and a looming recession for the UK economy has caused both holiday makers and tour operators to look at alternatives outside the Eurozone to offer value for money family holidays this year.

And it's not just Turkey that has benefitted from the Euro's high value as British tourists look elsewhere this year - Florida has seen an upsurge while the pound was buying two dollars, and Egypt too has proved popular.

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Majorca was one of the first ever holiday destinations in the world to actively market itself, and has successfully been attracting holidaymakers for over a hundred years now, so if it does slip from the number one position it won't be down to lack of experience or committment from the island's tourist authorities.

And low cost airlines from around Europe have enabled Majorca holidays to be more accessible today than ever before, allowing three day as well week and two week holidays to be taken more than once a year for those who rate Majorca as their first choice of holiday destination.

The property market on the island has benefitted too from cheap flights to Majorca according to Majorca travel guide - with low prices and a choice of departure times from regional airports, owning a villa or apartment allows rental income, but also for the owners to enjoy their property on several occasions throughout the year.

There's a diversity about Majorca that enables the island to attract high numbers of holidaymakers while at the same time drawing the upmarket tourist and celebrities who can find the peace and quiet they want in wonderful surroundings at the same time that others are enjoying a package holiday deal from one of the major tour operators along with tens of thousands of others in the towns and resorts.

Majorca has hundreds of hotel options to choose from, but probably the best for service, standards and luxury is the La Residencia, which is often quoted in the national newspapers in Europe as one of the best hotels in Majorca. Located in Deia, home village to many celebrities, the hotel offers the best of Majorca, close to both the mountains and the Mediterranean.

It's probably not a question of if Majorca will return as a favourite holidays destination for British, German and other European tourists who make up the vast majority of the island's visitors, but a question of when - and if the Euro slips in strength in the coming months the British could be booking for a holiday in Majorca for 2009.

The Majorca hotels association and tourist board will be watching the currency with more interest than usual!

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