Make an Excellent Brochure Using PubHTML5 Online Brochure Maker

PubHTML5 is an online brochure maker that enables users to create an online brochure that their readers love to read.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/01/2018 --Marketing is one way of attracting customers to the business. There are many ways of marketing business, but the best one is to use brochures. That is why PubHTML5 is introducing this fantastic an online brochure maker. This drag-and-drop software can be used to create a brochure that looks beautiful to the audience. Apart from that, this excellent online tool has the following advantages;

Easy to use

Online brochure maker is straightforward to use and help in creating stunning brochures. It also provides a combination suite of layouts that are designed professionally to the needs of its users. It has a simple drag and drop facility that enables the user to their favorite pictures and images as cover images. It comes with customizable fonts and amazing colors. It also has an edit facility for text that can help in creating original brochures from existing ones. Online brochure maker is useful for making both commercial and domestic brochures.

Get fantastic tools

Online brochure maker comes with a library of professional icons, graphic banners, frames and designs made by Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 with the help of Jason Chen who is the chief technology officer at PubHTML5. The tool comes with several images which are not copyrighted for its users to use in making brochures. The software is useful in positioning pictures and texts in the required places. It gives minimizing and maximizing abilities that give it the power to change the shape of any text or image.

Save plus share abilities

The PubHTML5 online brochure maker gives its users power to save and share the ready-made brochure. The ability to share the made brochure direct from PubHTML5 is a fantastic feature that cannot be found in any software at the same time. It connects to all available social media platforms that are available. It also has printer icon that let the users print brochure and gets hard copies for dispersion.

Power to upload personal images

Online brochure maker forms PubHTML5 has another flexibility feature that one can use to upload individual pictures and pictures for free. When the image is uploaded, it can be applied and used several times as needed. The software can be used to change the resolutions of the uploaded images to make them look better for use in brochure making.


Marketing is now made easy using this online brochure maker. It is made to be used by all types of clients that are ready to start building a brochure, but they do not know how. It is a tool for everyone to use at will.

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