Make Dental Care Fun Again with Time to Brush

Dental hygiene has consistently been a problem for young, sugar-loving children. To make matters worse, they are usually opposed to tooth brushing. Here to help is Time To Brush.


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2016 --In America, there is an epidemic of dental hygiene plaguing an unsettling number of children. In fact, the National Children's Oral Health Foundation reported that over forty percent of children have dental cavities before they even reach kindergarten. * To make matters worse, around one in every five children do not have the dental care they need to treat these occurrences. With the prevalence of this issue, it is vital that everyone, especially developing children consistently brushes their teeth. This is where Time To Brush fills its niche. The multi-functional toothbrush holder puts a new and modern spin on the traditional two minute timer, allowing young ones to actually enjoy taking care of themselves.

The Time To Brush itself features a small screen guiding children through the process of brushing their teeth. The screen is dim enough to not hurt their eyes late at night, making it perfect for low-light evenings and mornings. Users are shown the correct toothbrushing techniques by a lively and hygienic duo: Bobby Brush and Fiona Floss. As children brush their teeth in front of the Time To Brush holder, the screen displays exactly which areas they should be brushing and for how long. Best of all, the animation lasts two minutes, ensuring that children get the recommended level of tooth care. In this way, users can look forward to their nightly routine without worrying whether or not they are 'doing it right'.

Apart from the electronic display, the Time To Brush system works as a toothbrush holder. There are six toothbrush slots, four for traditional and thin brushes and two for thicker, electronic toothbrushes. As a side benefit, there are two floss holders as well as a toothpaste compartment, storing all the tools necessary for a healthy nightly routine. Unfortunately, a product of this quality requires massive funding for its first round of production. To remedy this issue, the Time To Brush team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Donors will receive anything from Bobby Brush stickers to a first edition Time To Brush toothbrush holder. With the support of readers, toothbrushing does not have to be like pulling teeth; instead, it will be a process children actually enjoy.

About Time To Brush
Time To Brush is created by The Good Habits Company, founded by Winston Lawer. He truly believes that kids are the most amazing people on earth and has put his talents to the test to help them. Winston Lawer holds a background in business and is happy to be working to improve the health of children everywhere.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.