Make Every Day EARTH DAY with ENERGYbits Algae Tablets

Algae - The Most Eco-friendly, Sustainable Food in the World


Boston, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2018 --Earth Day on April 22 is a good reminder that preserving the health of the earth ensures a brighter future for us all. Want to do something simple that will protect your health and the earth's too? Take algae.

Algae is not only the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, it is also the most eco-friendly, sustainable food in the world. Since your health and the health of the earth are closely connected, your food choices affect the health of the planet and vice versa. Taking ENERGYbits algae tablets instead of fish oil, supplements or processed snacks is one of the healthiest and easiest ways you can improve the health of the earth and your own health too.

Algae helps improves air quality. Did you know algae provides up to 80% of the earth's oxygen and removes CO2 from the air? Algae contain light-absorbing chloroplasts and produces oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Algae is so efficient at producing oxygen that scientists are considering relying upon it for future oxygen production on Mars.

Algae helps protect our oceans. Algae is where fish get their omega-3 from and 95% of all omega-3 comes from fish oil. However the high demand for fish oil has led to environmental problems, over-fishing and coral reefs being irreversibly destroyed. According to reports from the United Nations Fisheries and Agriculture Organization, if this doesn't stop soon, the global fishing industry could collapse by 2048. Want to help prevent this? Simply stop purchasing fish oil and get your omega-3 from a safer, sustainable source - algae. But be sure you chose your algae wisely. Not all algae is grown as carefully as ENERGYbits. The omega-3 found in ENERGYbits algae is not only safer and more sustainable than fish oil, it is also vegan and never goes rancid like most fish oil. Bottom line, algae is where the fish get their omega-3 so why not go directly to the same source for yours. You'll be helping to protect the oceans and environment when you do.

Algae protects our land. Acre for acre, harvested algae produces 400 times more protein than beef, 200 times more protein than milk, 160 times more protein than wheat and 44 times more protein than soy. That's why we refer to algae as efficient nutrition. The livestock industry uses a massive amount of resources in its production cycle. In contrast, hydroponically grown algae like ENERGYbits requires less space per cubic centimeter and delivers more protein and nutrients per acre than any other crop.

Algae protects our fresh water supply. Algae requires one tenth of the water needed for beef production and 30 times less water than other land based crops like corn. Agriculture accounts for 80% of the fresh water use in America. Our aquifers are drying up and water shortages are already occurring in the USA (and other countries). Algae farming uses far less water than other crops and is one of the many reasons why algae is considered the most eco-friendly crop in the world.

Yes, algae is a crop. It is not a supplement. Algae is an aquaculture (crop grown in water) and is very similar to other crops grown in water except that algae has 1,000 x more nutrients (according to NASA). The US Congress is so impressed with algae's nutrient density, protein per acre, sustainability and ability to capture CO2, that on March 23, 2018 the US Congress introduced the very first "Algae Agricultural Act." The act will not only offer tax incentives it will offer tax deductions to companies and organizations that grow or use algae for CO2 capture and "Carbon Offsets

Nourishing yourself and your family with efficient, ethical and sustainable food like ENERGYbits algae can be the simplest and most environmentally beneficial thing you can do. Happy Earth Day.

About ENERGYbits®, Inc.
ENERGYbits®, Inc. is a plant-based nutrition snack company that uses algae as a platform to provide algae-based snack foods. Algae is the most nutritionally dense, eco-friendly food in the world. Our tablets are popular with athletes, busy consumers and bio-hackers who seek whole foods to fuel their brain and body with maximum nutrition, minimal processing and zero sugar. ENERGYbits® algae products fit every lifestyle and diet preference including ketogenic, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, low-carbohydrate, intermittent fasting, diabetic, raw, heart-healthy, low fiber, low calorie, zero sugar, cancer diet, bio-hacking or whole-food diet.

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