Make the Information Without Border: VPB's Role


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2015 --With the continuous development of cloud servers and the shrink of the traditional Internet Data Center products, cloud servers gradually become the future development tendency of web server. While the traditional server is running, if the amount of data increases, it will acquire a new extra host to increase the amount of calculation. The resources of traditional servers are greatly wasted with this massive host mode. Visualization technology without increasing the number of host servers provides a new solution for such a traditional server model.

"You only need a one-time purchase of a high performance cloud server host which can configure multiple servers. Thus, the number of traditional servers are reduced and it's more convenient to manage the servers."said Alex, Internet Engineer from VPB (LLC), a hosting provider in America.VPB(LLC) has been striving to provide dedicated and cloud services to cater the need of server users all around the world. And VPB has its fully-owned server machine rooms in HongKong and Los Angeles, which are built with industry-leading hardware, guaranteeing the liability and stability of its servers which are now available in more countries than ever. With its high-speed storage, VPB endeavors to be perfect VPS, Dedicated and cloud server hosting provider. In its Los Angeles data center, any business related to server can be done with excellent dedicated servers, virtual servers and private cloud solutions.

As its server business expanding, VPB's tech-team and well-performed sales net work are improved, allowing customers to house their data in a location which suits their demands. Meanwhile, VPB cooperates with other world wide data centers, maintaining the latest technology with its professional tech-team which made up of Linux, FreeBSD, Unix systems engineers, Microsoft certified engineers, and network security technology talents. The cloud servers are now prevalent choices among business and individuals who demand room for movement. As the fast growing of global internet, it is definitely dominant to provide excellent connections between any location of the planet and another. VPB is proud of facilitate this amazing growth to benefit the global cloud server business.

VPB LLC based in Los Angeles CA (http://www.vpb.com) is a web hosting provider that specializes in dedicated server hosting, cloud server and its related products and services.The Company started its business as an agent of international IDC, specializing in providing dedicated server hosting, server rental and web designing. With a strong support by a powerful tech team and professional sales team, the company has grown rapidly over recent years and now is capable of offering various other associated services such as providing custom plans for enterprises,businesses and individual uses (SOHO) in the global market.