Make Use of Flipbook Software to Create Hallowmas-Themed Publications, Flipbuilder Suggests

As Hallowmas is nearing, digital publication designers around the world are looking for newer tips and tricks to scare their readers in a creative fashion. Flipbuilder.com shared some tips on how to do that.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2014 --Flipbuilder.com developers chose this Hallowmas to promote the newest digital publishing software product developed by them. The developers have shared some secret tips with digital publishers around the world so that they can create eerily captivating digital brochures before this Hallowmas. The developers believe that the shared tips will be effectively used by many digital publication designers currently using Flip PDF Professional, their latest flipbook software or planning to do so. The developers have claimed that the designer can put the best of their creativity to make stunning and scary designs before the Hallowmas evening falls upon the earth.

The flipbook software, named Flip PDF Professional, is a go-to-market design application developed by Flipbuilder.com. The developers have maintained that the software application is implemental in making different types of digital publications that can be shared online. The standalone application can be used by anybody with a design sense. The overwhelming response received by Flipbuilder.com for all the software applications previously released by them has worked as an added motivation for the developers to dole out the design tips and tweaks before this Hallowmas.

Flip PDF Professional is a desktop based application that can help in designing any type of digital brochure, flipbook etc. The developers have shown how to add multimedia and make the Hallowmas special publications more appealing yet more spine-chilling. The interactive flip-page effects that can be added to any online publication actually make them more reader-friendly and closer to the physical flipbooks. The developers have suggested that audio clips and horror movie clips can be added to make the Hallowmas-only digital publications more hair-raising.

“One can also add ad banners at the end of any digital flipbook to promote their brands or for personal branding. Besides, these digital publications are easy to embed in website and easier to share via social network. If it is required, one can mail a publication to any potential client. In a nutshell, we have put all the customization options together in this digital brochure maker to streamline the process for fellow designers”, one senior development guy from Flipbuilder.com told the press.

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