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Makita Power Tools - Said to Be the Best!


York, North Yorkshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2014 --With there being so many positive forum reviews about Makita Power Tools, an affiliate website has been created, to bring these tools to the notice of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Users are saying that these tools are far superior to any others on the market today. They are light and comfortable to hold, enabling workers to use them for long periods, without risk. It is also reported that from the smallest tool to the largest, their innovative design will take the strain out of even the most complex of tasks.

It has been said that Makita may sometimes be a little more expensive than their competitors for a similar tool, but this extra cost is more than made up for, by their excellent features.

With safety, customer comfort and technological innovation having been achieved, Makita Power Tools are said to be world leaders.

Research, Design and development is carried out at Makita’s ‘mother’ plant at Okazaki, Japan, when testing is carried out throughout the development process. This ensures that customer safety is paramount, together with optimum performance being imperative.

These Power Tools are all long-lasting, with what are said to be the most effective motors, used in the power industry today. In fact, their technology is said by many to be second-to-none; their products being environmentally-friendly, into the bargain.

Some items have, Makita's Mini 4 stroke engine, said to be as small as the conventional 2 stroke engine, but with much more power. The Makita Mini also has an emissions level said to be 10 times lower than the conventional 2-stroke engine, for example in Makita EBH253L 4-stroke Line Trimmer.

Battery power, weight and length of usage have all been improved greatly over the years, some having higher energy efficiency, with Lithium-Ion technology being used, as on Makita BTL061 Impact Driver.

Anti-vibration Technology has been fitted as standard on some units, allowing workmen to labour for longer periods, without their machines causing tingling/general discomfort in their arms and finger, as felt when using other power tools. A good example is Makita HM0810B Demolition Hammer

These Power Tools really are unique to Makita, who just keep on developing new ideas for products that will benefit Industries, homes and gardens for the foreseeable future.

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