Maldives Is the New Investment Area Chosen by FINVEST HOLDING

450 Million Dollars is the strategic price choose by Manuel Ros, who leads his group to invest to Maldives in cooperation with leading hotel brands, a project never realized which provides modern technology and high quality materials for environmental protection.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2016 --FINVEST HOLDING aims for the first time to the Maldives Market. In fact, it's now addressing to the real estate sector, particularly to the hotel sector, identified as the most suitable to bring out the full potential of development, which in recent times has remained unexpressed in the "Beautiful Island".

The President and CEO of the Company, Mr. Manuel Ros, who grew up professionally in Financial industry and has become an expert in the field of industrialization processes of construction and development of real estate, has declared that "FINVEST HOLDING controls a multinational group operating in financial investments, oil exploration activities, infrastructures, trading of oil products, active in various market sectors that go beyond the pure Real Estate".

To this day, FINVEST HOLDING has completed several partnerships projects in the emerging markets of America, Africa, UAE, Asia and Europe. This year will be the year of the turning point for future investments. "Our corporate mission is to build, by geographically diversifying, without using debt instruments", continues Mr. Manuel Ros. "For 2016, we have allocated a budget of 450 million euro just to put in place a strategy focused on the development of new projects in the field of Maldives hotel business.

This is such an important amount, which represents a decided signal of confidence in the possibilities of recovery for Maldives. "We hope to achieve our investment goals in about 3 or 4 years". According to Mr. Manuel Ros, "of course to do so there must be a political stability and a renewal of government, which are two key elements to foster the development of business initiatives relevant entity."

We have established a very good relationship with the government members of this magnificent region and we have strengthened the interests to developing other projects to implement the foreign capitals attraction and luxury hotel groups with the intention to build new structures with modern manufacturing technology for environmental protection.

FINVEST HOLDING that operates directly as a lender, has nominated instead REMAR PROPERTIES, company part of the group in charge to manage and develop the projects, an important agreement which produces about 4,000 jobs with the priority of employment for locally available workers.