Male Contraception Initiative

Male Contraception Initiative Launches Immediately Following Male Contraceptive Development


Durham, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2014 --The time for male contraceptives is now. There’s no better time for Male Contraception Initiative to open its doors. Vasectomies came into the picture around the end of the 19th century. The latex condom was invented in 1920. Does that sound dated? It should, because it is.

Recently, the Parsemus Foundation announced that Vasalgel, a promising reversible male contraceptive, could hit the market as early as 2017 assuming proper funding. Just three years! That’s cause for excitement.

And there’s more reason to be excited. There are other methods ready to go forward just as soon as they have funding. And like Vasalgel, these methods are both reversible and nonhormonal.

Gendarussa is a shrub-derived herb being studied by researchers in Indonesia. It works in pill form and has already been shown to be highly effective in human trials.

The “clean sheets pill” is being developed by researchers in London. This method works within mere hours of taking. By relaxing the muscles in the body’s sperm-carrying tubes, it prevents seminal ejaculation while still preserving all the experience of orgasm. This method, by suppressing fluid transport, also holds the potential to reduce sexually transmitted infections.

Eppin is a drug being studied in the U.S. that works by attacking sperm’s ability to swim. Everything else works the same—except the sperm swimming part.

JQ1, also developed in the U.S., was discovered accidentally. Cancer researchers noticed that their drug turned off the gene responsible for sperm production. Naturally, they were excited when they saw they could also turn it back on.

Aaron Hamlin, the executive director, exclaimed, “Half of all pregnancies are unintended. And that’s despite the fact that nine in ten women at risk for unintended pregnancy are actually using a contraceptive! This news worries men, too. And that’s why half of U.S. men say they want a new contraceptive themselves.” He emphasized, “There’s no question that the demand is there. Men are ready now. We can hear them.”

The organization is asking the public to openly state their demands. Its website allows users to say why we need new male contraceptives now. Enthusiasts can also engage through the organization's social media.