Man Loses over 80 Lbs Eating One Meal a Day and Launches to Help Others Do It Too

Jimmy Swartz cracks the code to weight loss by accident and launches a website to share the wealth.


Fort Mill, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2017 --Who has time to count calories, meal prep, and lug low-cal meals around to be eaten at specific times of day just to lose weight? Sounds exhausting. So says, the man who deflated the status quo and lost over eighty pounds by eating once a day. Meet, Jimmy Swartz. He's the man who weighed in at 240 pounds and discovered an entirely new slim way of life just by being busy. Now weighing in at 160 pounds, his answer to deprivation diets is one high-caloric meal a day. That's right, according to Swartz pies, pizza, and pastrami can now be an everyday splurge.

So how did he do it? Too busy to bother with regular meal times due to work and a busy social life, Swartz accidentally ate one meal a day over the course of several days. Much to his surprise, not only did he feel better, his weight dropped. Suddenly, eating one meal became the answer to time-consuming requirements for diets that were all too difficult to follow. Pure and simple, his body was responding to intermittent fasting. Moreover, his mental state was responding to not feeling deprived. Why? Because each meal was whatever he wanted.

Also the author of "The Step-by-Step Omad Diet for Beginners," Swartz said of the one meal a day success rate, "People struggle to find a simple weight loss solution. My story is inspiring because this is the easiest diet you'll ever do. Too many diet plans don't agree with our busy lives because they're complicated and confusing; they're fads that don't lead to long-term weight loss because you feel like you're missing out on life. There really is an easier way to lose weight and, I'm the proof."

Based on a 23:1 schedule, twenty-three hours of fasting coupled with a one-hour eating time frame, the Omad Diet has no other restrictions. Swartz agrees, however, that it's more advantageous to eat a well-balanced meal with all the food groups present and accounted for. To that end, Jimmy Swartz reports the "one-size-fits-all diet" has increased his energy, given him better sleep patterns, positivity, sharper focus, and decreased stress.

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About is based in Fort Mill, South Carolina and was founded by Jimmy Swartz. The site is a comprehensive resource on the way to lose weight by eating OMAD - one meal a day.

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Disclaimer: The Omad Diet is not a prescription for weight loss. Please consult a physician before starting any weight loss diet.